LinuxGameCast Weekly 323: Sexy Batman

Proton gets players banned, Humble drops two Linux filled Bundles, AMD kills 32-bit drivers and we discuss the OBS Box.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Valve, dealy????

  • Delaying a beta so close to release doesn’t bode well. It means the testing and patching done in the beta is going to be super rushed
  • However this is valve time so don’t be surprised if we don’t see the full game until december 2020
  • How is this a surprise?
  • Episode 3 has now been delayed for over 10 years.



  • Now australians can spend obscene amounts of money on software in their native currency
  • I wonder if the automated region pricing stuff we covered last week will have any impact on prices in Aussiland
  • It’s a way for VALVe to keep a tighter leash on developers trying to stray too far from the “Buying power” stat.
  • It’s several years too late but it’s certainly a good thing.



  • There isn’t much in the patent application other than it’s for “Computer hardware; computer networking hardware; computer peripherals; computer hardware and computer software for the reproduction, processing and streaming of audio, video, data, text and multimedia content
  • The reddit thread is speculating that it’s a performance index for machines (valve presents the windows experience score), possibly for a new wave of steam machines?
    • Spin that wheel of booga booga
  • Streaming game console (or service) in partnership /w Googs, calling it.
  • They’re pushing out a streaming thing and an updated controller, is my guess.


Danger Proton

  • Behold the dangers of early adoption.
  • *Laughs in Diablo*
  • But whose fault is it really? Denuvo! Cuz Fuck DRM
  • Although, to be fair it wasn’t on the whitelist. We knew ahead of time anticheat stuff will be fucky
  • Now will Namcai-Bando allow people’s shit to get unlocked, or is it too bad so sad
  • Anti-cheat systems don’t see WINE as a good thing, the calls intercepts it does and the translation of those calls runs afoul of what most of those system were designed to recognize.
  • Now it lies with Namcai to undo this and hopefully stop it from happening in the future.
  • Otherwise, this new market of Steamy Proton goodness that VALVe handed to them on a platter isn’t going to last very long
  • It was a Proton bug.



  • Uh… Yay?
  • I guess if you like porny visual novels or asset flips this will be a great sale.
  • Here’s hoping SW 2 gets cheap for multiplayer’s sake

Steam: Game Updates

Deathroad X4

  • They’re bumping co-op from two to four players


Team Hipster

  • I would not be able to tell the difference.
  • We’ve seen a similar thing with vanilla WoW. Some people like playing games as originally presented
  • Aaaaand it’s gone
  • Their twitter has a single post with a URL which redirects to an “Account Suspended” website.
  • There’s shady, then there’s whatever the hell is going on here.

Steam: New Games

GP Simulator

  • Bing, bang.
  • I think i’ve seen some really bad porn done with those CG models
  • House Party at the doctor’s?


WB Classics

  • The goddamn batman, MAD MAX and Hordor are on the menu.
  • I’m confused. Why is a disney game on the list?


Dav of ze Devs

  • AKA Yooka-Laylee at a price I’m willing to pay Bundle.
  • Grabbing the full throttle remaster along with it isn’t that shabby a deal


RIP 32

  • With this and Linux distros dropping 32bit left and right, people with older machines are going to have a hell of a time.
  • I mean, Mesa still has your back



  • Strider doesn’t want you running lutris as root
  • Proton itself is now blacklisted from showing up as an app
  • Does it automatically scan your system during setup and show available games?
  • Can I get it as a Snap, Appimage, or Flatpack?


Trine 4

  • Not surprising since their Linux person noped.
  • Guess we’ll never know what happens after trine 3 episode one.
  • We Trine Again in Proton?



  • Better support for 32bit .NET means older .NET 2.0 games should run in a 64bit prefix now.


OBS box

  • Yeah, I’m not sure paying the NUC tax for a dedicated streaming box is worth it.
  • Though I do see the appeal of having something specifically for this purpose with support from Intel or whomever else rebadges it.
  • The idea of “Device as a service” makes my organs itch
  • Still, a cheap and optimized for task streambox isn’t an awful idea.
  • It even lets you stream portal 2!
  • An interesting riff on this idea might be to integrate it into routers themselves
  • Cheap and NUM dwell not well in the same abode.
  • It could be an interesting turn-key solution for console gamers.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Farm Together
Webzone: Farm_Together
Devel: Milkstone Studios
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49 / US$19.99 / CA$22.79

Wazzat: Grow your own farm all by yourself, or cooperate with your friends in this unique, relaxing farming experience!

Mandatory Disclosure: Milkstone sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • Yes, minus the cesure.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 1080.


  • Mobile +


  • Key + gerbil.


Does It Launch

  • Aformentioned -force-glcore42 -force-clamped CLI options required to make it work

Performance @ 1080

  • At first it was a little chuggy, I was petrified
  • But then it smoothed out


  • I mean, it has them
  • Props to the little farmer dude for keeping their back flat while lifting things though


  • Picks up the dual shock, got xbox prompts though


Does It Launch

  • It launches into a seizuretastic, blurry screen.
  • In order to get it to work you need to set a few launch flags:

-screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 3840 -screen-height 2160 -force-glcore42 -force-clamped

  • Adjust the resolution to match your own

Performance @ 1080

  • At 1080 it peaks at 120-ish ferPS and holds over 100.
  • At 3840×2160 the FerPS count is about half with dips to 40.


  • AA, Depth of Field and Motion Blur are the “advanced options” and to Milkstone’s credit they work properly.
  • I still disabled motion blur because it looks like absolute ass, still.


  • Even on the lowest point of the sensitivity slider the mouse is still a little too fast for my liking.
  • That said, you don’t need pin point accuracy for Farm together so it’s passable.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Hurry up and wait simulator.
    • I lack the FK out of whatever it is that causes people to get sucked into these games.
    • Farmville, Candy Crush and the like.
    • And that’s why I’m unable to recommend Farm Together sine it’s “that game”
    • I gave it the business but at the end of the day it’s the same formula.
    • Do work, make money, buy useless shite to show off to your friends… TO REAL!
    • Nothing made me take a step back, strip neekid and prance about screeching eureka! Now I get it!
    • On the flipside it’s a well done work, make money, buy useless shite to show off to your friends simulator.
  • Jordan
    • Man, I’m farming the shit out of some lettuce
    • Like, I got that level 6 lettuce life
    • It took me a couple minutes, but I finally narrowed down the feeling I get playing this game:
      • Having unread texts or emails piss me off. I always read them ASAP so that stupid glowy alert in the browser or on my phone go away
      • This game is the exact feeling of this
    • I managed to put an hour and 45 into it, and at no point did I feel anything resembling
    • I felt Like I was farming shit. Props to this game for the verisimilitude, but it’s not my thing at all
    • This game really benefits from a desire to come back to it at some point, which I lack.
  • Pedro
    • When I said this game had the potential to be 3D farmville, I had only played a little bit.
    • After getting sucked in for 2 hours and feeling like it had only been 30 minutes, I can say for a fact that they accomplished their mission.
    • That is, if their mission was to create a completely mindless time vampire to keep you collecting virtual eggplants.
    • This game has charm pouring out of all its visual assets and animations.
    • I don’t really care that it has multiplayer but I can say for a fact that that will bring a lot more people who wouldn’t have ever given it a chance otherwise.
    • This could have been just another cynical cash grab game but I’m glad they put the extra effort in.
    • Might be a hard sell at over £15 but, if Farmville had you spending a lot more time on Facebook than you otherwise would have back in the day, you’re going to like this one too.

Fun Score:


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