LinuxGameCast Weekly 321: Green Peaness

We review Google’s Project Stream! Proton receives a Witching update, Godot Wild Jam #2 is looking for submission and Unreal Engine learns how to crash. All this plus your hate mail!

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Update update

  • So… is it fixed or not?
  • It’s fixed.


Proton 3.7 out of beta

  • Admidataly my only interest is whether or not it improves Shadow Warrior 2 performance.
  • Spoiler: It don’t.
  • Vulkan 1.1.88 spec update including the new VK_EXT_transform_feedback extension, DXVK can finally support Stream Output, which has been a big issue for a number of games.
  • In order to use it with NVIDIA you will need 396.54.09.
  • Enjoy you mostly glitch-free Witcher 3 experience.
  • It’s also available for Lutris.
  • I’m looking forward to Proton being based on something newer than WINE 3.7
  • This is where it gets interesting. Will everything that did work keep working?
  • Also inb4 “I changed my proton with some other thing and now my gaemz don’t work”
  • One thing this will do is allow UPlay to actually work with Proton.

Steam: Game Updates


  • The devel plans on releasing a Linux version one day.
  • Because that’s how it works.
  • This mental juggernaut also banned a gang of keys on accident.
  • After reading over their posts this looks like a prototype two friends made for fun and decided to sell it as a game on Steam.


War pigs get HARD

  • No save points and 100% less danger music.
  • Pedro should totally do this for some Spooptober streams
  • Amnesia is hard enough and nerve wrecking enough on Normal
  • I guess they may be onto something with that Masochist achievement

Steam: New Games


  • Milkshake simulator
  • Collect and control transportation of resources. Its 4X-ish
  • No multiplayer, so you can’t be a better capitalist than your friends


Oh Hi! Ninja

  • All of the game art and cinematics have been remastered @UHD
  • They also add one more story mission and an additional character
  • Recommended GPU for linux is a Radeon. Interesting choice
    • T’was inevitable!
    • If developers want that out of the box experience, an RX 480 is possibly the best choice right now.
  • You can upgrade for $4.99, good on them.


Industrial strength City crackline

  • Crack simulator expansion in case you’re not already spending far too much of your time in it.
  • Bye bye Foxy, Empty and Mir


Helium Rain

  • Even comes with a side of source.
  • Elite dangerous lite meets spreadsheets?
  • I checked their forum and lo and behold they actually seem pretty committed to ensuring a good linux experience.
  • It’s got vulkan support too


UNREAL Crashes

  • Linux Crash Report Client Has a GUI.
  • From 4.21 on, you can use bundled WebMMedia plugin to play back .webm VPX8/9 videos.
  • Still no Linux version of their launcher.


Streamy review

  • It works, surprisingly well.
  • Plugged in the xlcone controller, hit A, and had at.
  • Don’t try it with the key/gerbil, it will break the illusion.
  • When the connection eats shite (only happened once) it eats shite HARD.
  • Save early, save often.
  • You get a little popup that basically says good luck, fuko.
  • Only uses around 2MB down.
  • Graphically it looks like you are playing a game that is being streamed @ 1080 60.
  • Also, everyone seems to have an opinion on this game.


Hazelnut Bastille

  • Art Style of final fantasy meets gameplay of zelda.
    • Though turning is more like in that one 3do zelda
  • There’s a PDF in the build soliciting feedback, so at least these guys seem to be open to criticism
  • I got some, the default keyboard mapping is slightly off-putting.

Wild Jam


  • Runs until next sunday
  • Theme Is “hidden within”
  • Godot games done in 3.0 and 3.1 are allowed, but they want people to use the 3.1 prerelease to help hammer some bugs using real world use cases


Heretic Cache

  • Distribute the fuck out of dxvk path caches for minimum loading time
  • Good on the dev for trying to work in a verification system, cuz fetching stuff that was on someone else’s desktop is always just a little sketchy
  • This is a neat tool but something is bound to go wrong.
  • I guess it’s a good thing crypto has died down a bit, this would have been a prime target for exploiting remote GPUs for Hashes.


TPS Report

  • Gotta build it for the moment if you wanna play it
    • Mind you, they have nightly godot appimages, so getting everything checked out and built is pretty easy
    • Takes it’s sweet ass time tho
  • What’s currently on master is a wee borky.
  • Need to check back
  • This is the first time I’ve seen a godot project that looked, impressive.
  • It does look very good

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: My Brother Rabbit
Webzone: My_Brother_Rabbit
Devel: Artifex Mundi
Engine: Spark Casual
Price: £11.39 / US$14.99 /CA$17.49

Wazzat: In this magnificent land of make-believe, a cute little rabbit wants to nurse his ill friend the flower back to health in any way he can. He must use his wits to decipher puzzles inspired by classic point-and-clicks, uncover hidden objects, and play minigames to continue his adventure.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • No issues.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 gonna 60.


  • Really nice hand-drawn business with a side of odd.


  • No controller support.


Does It Launch

  • Yes, yes it does

Performance @ 1080

  • 60


  • No graphics options, I think the art was done in 720p, cuz it looks a wee blocky stretched out to UHD


  • Click


Does It Launch

Performance @ 1080


  • Not much in the way of setting resolution


  • It’d be very hard to screw up left click and right click

QA Score:



  • Venn:
    • It’s been a minute since we looked at something from Artifex Mundi since if we’re being honest they all look similar.
    • My Brother Rabbit on the other hand looks, different.
    • Now it’s still hidden object joint so they didn’t get too crazy.
    • Disclaimer, if I had to find Waldo that motherfu*ker would have starved to death.
    • It’s point-and-click, mix objects and read cryptic clues, the game.
    • Did I mention I tend to overthink things?
    • Because I wasted an embarrassing amount of time trying to sort a puzzle because at no point did I think it could be that obvious.
    • I agree /w Jordan about things blending it a bit too well at times but that’s part of the genre, I guess.
    • But it’s hidden object so I eventually resorted to my battle tested click-grid attack.
    • Yeah, I was doing the same thing as a child because I come from the school of get shite done & FK the journey.
    • Still it’s really well done and if you are stuck with larvae of your own (or a windows user) and need something to help develop basic motor control and problem solving skills My Brother Rabbot will get the job done.
  • Jordan
    • I suffer from that thing where you’re looking for your house keys and check everywhere and can never find them, only to realize you were holding on to them the entire time
    • I am not particularly well equipped for hidden object games
    • The game definitely has an aesthetic. And it’s consistent. Too consistent
    • Some things blend in a little too well
    • The game does a decent job of telling you “remember where this thing is, you’ll need to collect these later”
    • A minor gripe I have is that when you’re doing the click grid strats, you’re very likely to hit the area change region of the screen
    • It’s a wee too large at times
  • Pedro
    • How come it’s the children oriented games that get things right the most?
    • You’re never really presented with the most challenging puzzle until you have everything you need to solve it.
    • Finding said thing is mostly a matter of playing what Artifex Mundi does, hidden object games.
    • The art is very good and everything feels right at home.
    • Which makes finding some of the objects a bit harder than it would otherwise be.
    • But as a 30 something year old, the puzzles are all very easy and the sense of accomplishment is a bit lacking for me.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:



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