LinuxGameCast Weekly 408: No Non-Sack

Steam announces the OpenXR developer preview! Humble releases a wheelie Bundle, Raspberry Pi 4 Vulkan updates, and open-source gesture support for your Logitech gaming gerbil. Then Wizard of Legend faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

Special tanks to:
Iris121 (new patreon)
xsalty (paypal)
Aldius (Borderlands 3, Divinity OS 2, Younblood)



09:31 OpenXR developer preview
12:28 Proton EA Origin fixes
14:11 Proton-5.9-GE-2-MF
16:36 Europa Universalis IV: Emperor
19:22 Burning Knight
20:45 Isle Of Spirits
22:44 Hope of Humanity
25:09 Raifu Wars
29:33 Shameless self promotion
32:46 Humble CodeMasters Bundle
35:42 Unofficial Logitech drivers
40:23 Mumble 1.3.1
42:53 GODOT budget report
47:22 Thimbleweed Park FLOSS engine
48:50 Pi 4 Vulkan progress
51:51 CHAIRQASITION: Wizard of Legend
01:02:44 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Like Vulkan, having a cross-platform standard for Toasters is a good thing.
  • SteamVR’s OpenXR implementation supports D3D11 on Windows, and Vulkan on both Windows and Linux.
  • Expanding support from the £699 and £999 headsets to support theoretically everything will also lower that entry bar for us peasants.
  • You’re not going to be able to mess around with any of the bindings with this release, but that capability is being promised in a future full release


Proton 5.0-9

  • EA Origin fixes.
  • It’s in the game Proton.
  • Something good from EA comes, even though they didn’t really do anything other than bringing their games back to Steam.
  • I think EA has mastered the Open Source foist maneuver



  • A partial fix for websockets has been added for Sea of Thieves so that login now works.
  • Fullscreen hack is one of my favorite things about Proton
  • You can set a fullscreen window to scale up even if it’s rendering lower than your monitor’s resolution.
  • I would like a fullscreen something hack for Metal Gear Rising.

Steam: New Games

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor

  • There are a group of people who are super excited about this DLC
  • None of them are on this show. But if you want some holy roman hijinks, this is the product for you
  • Some people get excited about DLC for 6 year old games, dude.


Burning Knight

  • Additional Notes: Developed with <3 on a 4 GB-RAM linux laptop
    • See guys! It isn’t that hard. They’re like 100 bucks now
  • It’s a bullet hell roguelike with an item combo gimmick/system. Also has some twitch and leaderboard integration too
  • It also has a Vegan mode, so Venn can play it
  • You play as a knight with a gun, nope.


Isle Of Spirits

  • You’re doing something thoroughly special when your game doesn’t even illicit a single negative review.
    • You may have spoke too soon
  • Babby’s first minecraft with permadeath
  • Yeah, this looks like a prototype / proof of concept.
  • Not seeing much beyond all the empty space.


Hope of Humanity

  • So what’s worse, no reviews or negative reviews?
  • Custom space station FTL style game seems like a good recipe on paper
  • The negative reviews seem to indicate that this had a lot more promise
  • Cheap as free though
  • It launches in the wrong monitor, far as I got.


 Raifu Wars

  • Online WWII Disgaea but with more weeb.
  • You just know the unlockables in that game are raunchy pictures of the protagonists.
  • Raifuwaifu Tactics. It’s got online versus, so it might actually be fun if you can get over the art style and central conceit
    • Or maybe you’re smack dab in the target demographic


Humble CodeMasters Bundle

  • Ya like the racing games?
  • GRID, Overlord II, DiRT Rally, DiRt 4 are the Linux titles.
  • Not that it really matters these days.
  • Skirt Rally 2 is rated Gold on Protondb, just fyi!
  • The re are a couple non -racing games. I’ve played the first overlord and if you were a fan of brutal-legend style gameplay then it’s more of that
  • Overlord does not launch with Proton, keep that in mind.
  • VP did the port.


Logi pops

  • An unofficial userspace driver for HID++ Logitech devices.
  • One of the reasons I picked up the Elocom was that the damn thing has kernel drivers.
  • Oh shit, the K400r is the keyboard I have for the tV box
    • I guess the setting exposed by the things don’t have too much use though. But if you got something with macro keys
  • Gesture support, neat …I guess.


MUMBLE 1.3.1

  • Looks to be mostly security and bug fixes.
  • Mumble always reminded me of a voice-only CU-SeeMe.
  • I do know some folks who really dislike discord and insist on it. At least now they can use it with more than one monitor



  • X11 fixes? Doing the FSMs work there.
  • I mean, until Wayland is a thing in another decade or so.
  • Proper font support for non unicode languages is very good to have.
  • Hell, there are certain engines out there which have trouble when your locale isn’t even set to English.
  • If you are fluent/native in a language which doesn’t adhere to the Roman Alphabet, go give these guys a hand.
  • They’re offering bounties!
  • They’re trying to get the funding to hire two of their contractors as full time as well
  • Still trying to clear those documentation bounties. Which is a great way to contribute if you don’t have a coding background wink wink nudge nudge


FLOSS Thimbleweed park

  • Dude finally made it to the end of the game.
  • Debugging all the way.
  • It’s finally done! Now get cracking on Broken Age
    • I mean, there are still bugs, but who cares about those
  • SFML means “Seriously, Fuck My Life” in my brain and nothing will change it.


Pi 4 Vulkan progress

  • Now with added source code.
  • This will be big for modern emulators.
  • It’s still quite not there yet. Even some of their own demos don’t work.
  • Hopefully opening it up will speed up implementation and maybe even inspire some young graphics developers

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Wizard of Legend
Devel: Contingent99
Engine: Unity
Price: £12.39 / U$15.99 / C$18.49

Wazzat: Wizard of Legend is a no-nonsense, action-packed take on wizardry that emphasizes precise movements and smart comboing of spells in a rogue-like dungeon crawler that features over a hundred unique spells and relics!



  • It launches.
  • Hipster-pixel 60.
  • Hey! Button options for PS4 and Xclone! (you have to select them)


  • FSM damn this game is boring.
  • Same procedurally generated levels with different texture packs.
  • It’s nice and difficult until you groc that it’s stun-lock, the game.
  • Combat is whatever the opposite of fluid is.
  • I guess this is one of those “it gets better in a few hours in games?”
  • When I died the first time and had the “oh this is a rogue-like” moment I tapped out.
  • I went back and played it a few more times for the sake of review but I had mentally checked out.
  • Not my bag, babby.



  • Ran when I clicked play
  • I had the DS4 with Steam input integration on. Didn’t get dualshock prompts, but everything worked fine
  • I actually like the enemy designs in this game. They’re pretty fun


  • I dicked around a bit in single player, and it’s a standard, if well done roguelike dungeon crawler
  • Find or buy card spells, map them to buttons and dip, dodge dive and dodge your way to victory
  • It’s pretty difficult for my particular brand of ADD to constantly juggle enemy numbers, health and positioning, so I tend not to do well in these games
  • It’s a lot more fun with a partner though. They got no online multiplayer, which is kind of a strike against them, but remote play works in a pinch. You’re just stuck with whatever your host unlocked
  • The difficulty scales decently well with partner, but eventually one of you will die and the other has to kite enemies around the room and pick them off in between cooldown resets
  • That’s kind of my one gripe with the combat. It devolves into a lot of that. Sometimes you get pits of the lava or traditional death droppy variety, but you’re still just kiting and picking them off
  • However, it’s still well done enough that I stopped playing it not because I was tired, but because I had to write this thing.



  • It did launch but I managed to make it reliably crash if I unplugged or turned off a controller
  • It’s what you’d expect from a Unity Hipster pixel game.
  • 900-ish FerPS if you disable Vsync, 144 with VSync on for me.
  • DualShock 4 v2 was having none of it.
  • Areola Controlla to the rescue!


  • It’s a roguelite where skill and quick reflexes matter more than… well pretty much anything else.
  • I like roguelites and roguelikes, and this one I enjoyed a great deal.
  • Use and abuse that dash mechanic, fam!
  • My favorite thus far, is the cold dash which leaves ice decoys which freeze enemies when they hit them.
  • It’s also very, very hard.
  • As the one person in this podcast who appreciates the Souls series, this one tickles me in the right places.
  • Would prefer it if I could use the DS4, but I don’t mind using the Steam Controller.



Hate Mail:


  • This is sarcasm, right?
  • It’s ironic sarcasm, right?!
  • I want it to come out but we need to be really real.
  • Best (and I mean best) case is we end up with another Ouya.
  • Something people get the oh neats about for 6 months and forget it exists by the end of the year.

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