LinuxGameCast Weekly 413: Greenpeace & Fish Burrito

Proton enables support for Death Stranding! Beyond a Steel Sky comes to Linux, Nvidia shuts down Turing, and Nyrna adds a pause button to all the things.



05:53 One year of Steam Labs
09:30 Steam is complicated
13:17 Linux STOP button
15:07 Proton support for Death Stranding
18:47 Superhot: Mind Control
20:47 Unspottable
22:07 Beyond a Steel Sky
24:51 Shameless self promotion
28:27 RIP Turing
33:27 BottlEye DMCA
38:00 Nyrna universal pause button
40:09 Slippi Appimages
42:30 Super Mario 64 Redrawn
46:16 Open Simulator
58:39 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

One year of Labs

  • Anyone with a youtube channel could have told you that about the 30 minute videos.
  • And Deep Dive always felt a bit redundant when you already had the game queue if you wanted to go in and take extra steps to find a game.
  • A couple of these experiments have graduated to full features, so this project seems successful in that regard
  • They’re testing out better resolution of tag and metadata searches, which hopefully will get you the games you want faster
  • Micro trailers! A new way to judge a book by its cover


No more labs

  • Can’t have it both ways.
  • It’s not like ignoring the sales games BS is difficult.
  • Either they pretend like this never happened and never address it again, or the author is going to come back saying it was a social experiment.
  • In any case, it’s a load of wank
  • Yeah, considering we just talked about a bunch of stuff valve is doing to help people find new games and organized old games, I’m just not buying it


Stop Beta

  • The STOP button in the library now actually kills native games, rather than just Proton ones.
  • So I’ve been pressing it all this time just for funzies?
  • I just alt f4 to pay respects


Proton 5.0-10 RC

  • Now with 100% more babby luggage.
  • I didn’t mind watching people play it.
  • Good on them for jumping on a fix so soon.
  • I love kojima, but I’m on the fence when it comes to actually starting on it. That game does not respect your time

Steam: New Games

Superhot mind control



  • Multiplayer where’s waldo. And its got a demo
    • Which you either need to have four remote players or four controllers plugged into make it work. I had three so I gave up
  • Apparently no online multiplayer as it relies on splitscreen
    • Screencheat made it work without remote play. Just sayin’


Beyond a Steel Sky

  • It runs on an AMD FX-8350?
  • That trailer does a solid job at not showing anything in the way of gameplay.
  • Broken Sword of a Steel Sky, then?
  • Fair enough, the previous game was a 2D point and click adventure, now they’ve added a third dimension.
  • Beneath a steel sky was one of the few decent games that was available in the fedora repos and I played quite a bit of it just cuz I didn’t want to pay attention in class
  • I’m glad to see a native sequel, but the not-quite-cel-shaded art style is gonna take me a minute to get used to



  • Good, Striders law will kick in and I can yoink a 2070 Duper.
  • According to the article, the miners are back and here for the remaining stock, so those prices may not drop like you expect
  • I am curious to see if there’ll be something sensibly priced that’ll dethrone the 1080.


Nuke, orbit

  • That’s not how DCMAs work?
    • They did post the claim, and the copyright being infringed is the protocol.
    • The technical grounds of this claim are dubious, because you’re copyrighting numbers
    • The letter of the law might be on their side though
    • Reverse engineering.
  • Yeah, i’d imagine that the battleye folks wouldn’t want a workaround to their project to be floating around the internet. Too bad about that streisand effect though
    • Taking down the github don’t delete the source code. Game genie is out of the bottle
  • I still say that you shouldn’t use bottleye
  • Last thing we need is to give developers ammo to call Linux users cheaters.
  • And make no mistake, this is cheating since it completely bypasses the BattlEye servers.



  • Bring back the keyboard Pause button!
  • I can think of quite a few games where you’re not able to immediately save and walk away to do other stuff. It’s pretty neat
  • The next goal is windows support


Slippi 2.2.0

  • Now with Appimages.
  • Slippi is Dolphin with a netcode rollback.
  • A community effort around Smash Melee to create pixel perfect replays and allow for “those people” to delve even further into their videogame narcotic of choice.



  • Since we’re on the Nintendo segment.
  • This has been community made and looks the business.
  • Manually redrawing textures at 12 times the size is a project
  • How long until the Nintendo Cease and Desixty four?



  • Nuke 64 a little to mainstream for ya?
  • WHAR Super Noah’s Arc 3D!??


Open Sim

  • Open sauce Second Life to allow people access to virtual software.
  • It will inevitably develop into open sauce cybering the moment it gets any traction, but it’s a cool concept.
  • I think the kids are on roblox these days, not so much second life
  • That said, their goal is to improve on the second life formula

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Aeolis Tournament
Devel: Beyond Fun Studio
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.49 / U$14.99 / C$17.49

Wazzat: Use the power of the wind to compete in the various games of the Storm Championship in this charmingly chaotic 8-player action party game. Aeolis Tournament features physics-based gameplay, a tournament mode and local and online multiplayer play.

Mandatory Disclosure: XOGO Consulting (PR people) sent us some keys



  • It’s running nice and smooth at 2160p, no complaints.
  • Using the Xclone all the buttons were in the right place but no way to remap… the two you use.
  • Bright, colourful, and decent animation rigging.
  • It has a soundtrack but nothing really stood out.
  • WHAR windowed mode?
  • How you gonna fk up and make a multiplayer game without a windowed mode?
  • Don’t you know 90% of anyone streaming anything needs this, dare I say, common option?
  • We can’t stream it, well, we could, but it would be a huge PITA and IMa go out on the old limb and say that’s why I’ve seen a grand total of one person stream the game.
  • I know it’s a little what came first and all that but that could have something to do with the nobody in USA on a Saturday evening during lockdown playing it online.


  • Well, I said some stuff you didn’t want to hear but stick around for this part.
  • It’s a fun little party game.
  • Football, hockey, dodgeball, snowball fight, boop off the island, and ball in the hole.
  • They are all enjoyable, especially hockey since my AI teammate scored 8 goals in a 1 minute game.
  • Another bonus soda is there is nothing to learn.
  • If you can rub off an analogue stick and poke a button you got this, fam.
  • Some might complain about such a level of simplicity but for a party game it’s spot on.
  • I’m only half joking when I say you should contact Atari and see if you could release a game that only supported the stick.
  • Again, it looks nice, simple to pick up, and plenty of modes to cock around in.
  • It’s just a damn shame nobody is playing it and in 2020.



  • Lauches and holds well over 1000 ferps.
  • Everything is clear on the screen, which is a problem for party games like this where you go super character blind
  • This gets the shellshock award for needlessly dramatic music
  • Xbox prompts, but you can literally play this game with an atari controller so /shrug


  • Well, you got two moves: Suck and Blow
  • The game provides you a bunch of minigames where you can use these powers to get points in various ways
  • There’s also a number of characters that have various qualities, like more sucking power, blowing power or bottom power
  • The games themselves are decently fun. It reminds me of mario party without the pretense of having a board game attached to it
  • I’ve also played a lot of these games grinding out BP for items in Pokemon CUZ I NEED MY DAMN SCIZOR BEFORE FIGHTING MORTY DAMMIT
  • I do wish there was a little more variety in the stuff you can do. Consistency is good, but it really does feel kinda samey after a while
  • However 8 man multiplayer does make up for that
  • Price wise, 17 CAD is a little steep considering all of the copies you need. You could bypass it with remote play, and this game seems simple enough that it would be playable but it’s not ideal



  • It launched
  • It holds 144 2560×1440
  • It can do windowed mode if you have KDE or edit the Prefs file.
  • It supports the DualShock and after the title screen, it actually uses the correct prompts.
  • You can’t rebind keys but it does come with the arrow keys mapped by default.
  • And the graphics are very mario party-esque… To the point where one time I thought Luigi was trying to knock me off the island.


  • It’s like someone watched our aftershowzens and decided to craft a game which included our favorites.
  • There’s even sportball mode which cycles through the different balls and pucks.
  • Honestly, even playing against the AI is pretty fun in this game.
  • And this is one of those games which is all about fun
  • It’s unabashed party-mode multiplayer insanity and the person with the most points wins.
  • Very good!



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