LinuxGameCast Weekly 415: Camel Clutching

Valve’s new hire will help improve open-source graphics for Linux, Proton GE learns how to Death Stranding, Hellpoint gets a Vulkan powered release, and Humble has a Fury bundle.

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Romeo Sid Vicious (new patreon)
Basil (WeeFee card and a ushanka for Nory)
Noctiluus (HUGE MKII)



05:26 Steam manual update
07:46 Valve hires RADV developer
09:46 Proton GE Death Stranding support
11:16 Steam cracks down on VPNs
13:21 Northguard balancing
15:21 Hellpoint
19:56 Monsieur PAF
21:26 Really bad flying machine
23:26 Shameless self promotion
30:46 Humble Raw Fury Bundle
33:01 Atari VCS spotted
36:11 PCSX2 updates
38:41 System76 keyboards
43:31 Freeorion 0.4.10
45:36 Thrive 0.5.1
47:31 Thimbleweed Linux
01:05:41 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Manual updates

  • It might not sound like much but this one is a time saver.
  • Games with manuals will now include a link to the manual in the Additional Content section of their game details page
  • I feel this impacts a lot of older games these days. Manuals kinda went the way of the dodo after games on physical media stopped being a thing
  • You needed something to read on the way home to get you hyped for the hour long install process on your 1000 RPM ide drive


New hire

  • Having a background in WII emulation is probably pretty useful for writing AMD graphics drivers
  • Wish this guy the best. Hopefully he helps release some cool stuff
  • When I see things like this it really enforces that Valve is committed to Linux as a future platform.
  • Yeeees! Moar RADV!



  • Death Stranding running with mesa RADV/ACO.



  • Never crossed my mind.
  • This is a real big “Fuck you Australia” from valve
  • It was rather inevitable considering VALVe’s previous moves to stop people from buying games in other countries.

Steam: Game Updates

Northguard balance

  • No Linux specific changes.
  • Which is a good thing in my book, unless there are some long standing issues which need to be addressed.
  • 4X Vikings still does not interest me.

Steam: New Games


  • Dark Souls in space made with Unity.
  • You need 4 threads or 4 cores, pick one.
  • Unity Vulkan!
  • It runs very well
  • They changed the combat from the jank fest that was the Thespian Feast demo.
  • It’s much better now
  • Performance is very good, but it doesn’t hold 144 at 2560×1440 with everything cranked
  • This game has some legit game breaking bugs ATM.
  • Little things, like all of your inventory going nope and no way to recover.


An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF

  • Another pretty looking 3d sokoban game
  • This one has some platforming elements too.
  • Will allegedly run on your favourite linux distribution. What’s yours?
  • 3D verticality in magnificent homemade, two-dimensional environments?
  • So, 2.5D platforming?


Really Bad Flying Machine

  • This boy’s 30 dollars. And it looks kinda junk
  • But so did Stephen’s Sausage roll, and that game kicked my ass
  • They seem like they could be interesting puzzles, but that gold price man
  • I don’t think the top down camera is doing this one favors.
  • At least, it certainly isn’t selling me on it.
  • Supposedly a vulkan title


Raw furry bundle

  • Couple of solid Linux titles in this one.
  • That’s more penguins than we’ve seen in the last few bundles!


We have a box!

  • It’s certainly a box
  • What I care about is the box inside the box and how well it runs stuff
  • No news on how/what it runs, thus far.


PCSX 2 Progress report

  • No word on RasPi compatibility yet.
  • It would be nice!
  • Especially since from my experience, PCSX2 runs so much smoother than RetroArch.
  • An improved zbuffer implementation fixed a bunch of text and image ordering issues with several games
  • On the linux side of things they’re dropping gtk in favour of wxwidgets

System 70 Keys

  • No blink, no clack, much split.
  • Things I look for in a keyboard.
  • Reinventing the keyboard is a lofty goal.
  • One we’ve seen fall flat into the niche market repeatedly.


Freeorion 0.4.10

  • Suck it python2
  • Honestly, these all seem like solid improvements. Freeorion was one of the first games I ever tried on linux, so I’m glad to see them still chugging along


Thrive 0.5.1

  • Switching out game engines is tricky. Godot is good, but it doesn’t do the work for you
  • You can save your game now though. That’s pretty nifty
  • Added a launcher to fetch the latest builds from their build system
  • They added a filter to make everything look like you’re viewing it through a microscope


Thimbleweed Linux

  • When it clicks that Apple cares not for the Desktop.
  • And Windows was never an option.
  • Going to be interesting to see what iBook devs do when ARM becomes the norm.
  • Ah the learning phase.
  • When you realize half the stuff you’re used to is just gone, and you discover brand new features that leave you baffled as to how you ever lived without it
  • The XPS was good call, but the stupid limitations Dell have arbitrarilly posed on the Linux configurations still baffle me.
  • That’s twice I’ve pointed it out on LWDW and now here’s Ron Gilbert stating the same thing.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Devel: Art in Heart
Engine: Unity
Price: £6.99 /U$ 9.99 / C$10.99

Wazzat: GoNNER is a tough as hell procedurally-generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements, following the largely misunderstood and altruistic Ikk on a journey to cheer up his only friend in this world – a giant landbound whale named Sally – by searching for just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby.

Mandatory Disclosure: N/A



  • Press Proton for controls.
  • That was the first memorable bit for me when firing up Gonner.
  • Xclone, boop boop, PS4, boop boop, nada.
  • Keyboard worked a treat but no.
  • Love it or hate it this is one of the little talked about bonus sodas of Proton.
  • Sometimes a 4+ year old native game can have compat issues.
  • Tapping that Proton button more often than not sorts them.
  • At least in my experience.
  • Using Proton it held 65/90 @ 2160p depending on how much shite I was decimating on-screen.


  • Sometimes it’s all about presentation.
  • If you start me off wondering just WTF is going on you’re doing something right.
  • The entire game comes off as some type of fever dream.
  • But, what is it at the core?
  • Well, two things you should know about upfront are rouglike and procedural levels.
  • That said it’s really a platform shooter more than anything else.
  • Plenty of random upgrades and power ups that can all eat some dicks once you get the shotgun.
  • That particular weapon is a little OP, even for my taste.
  • But you can mix-and-match during your run or adjust your loadout when hanging with death.
  • I like it, it’s cute, and just good old fashioned FKN strange.
  • I can excuse the roguelike and generated levels to an extent since jumping, exploding, and smashin is rather enjoyable.
  • Also, back to the presentation, I really want to see more of the world / waking nightmare.



  • Launches OOTB and holds 60
  • Works fine with the dualshock 4. Pretty tight controls
  • Everything looks fine. Video options are pretty basic
  • Everything looks good. Sounds are definitely blips and bloops, and is a little forgettable


  • Ah, another one of these action platformers I’m terrible at
  • This one is decently fun though,
  • The platforming is super smooth, everything is responsive and therefore feels like it’s genuinely your fault when you die
  • However, I do gotta fault it for the “hit” animation. Sometimes I lose track of where my dude is
  • The health system is kinda neat too. You can and gain lose your weapons or your extra hits as you go. Reminds me a lot of ghosts and goblins
  • I really dig the art style and the enemy designs. I’m pretty sure sega gonna sue somebody though. Those red sonic the hedgehog dudes are way too on the mark
  • The presentation of it is very cool as well. It reminds me of that one bugs bunny bit where he starts arguing with the animator
  • It’s a roguelike, so mastery of the platforming is more important than learning specific levels, but if you’re not into that, this one might not sell you



  • Launched just fine
  • Holds 144FerPS
  • Funky music and psychedelic graphics
  • DualShock 4 works if you enable Steam Input.
  • Very rumbly!


  • I may or may not have sat in the menu for a couple of minutes to hear the funky music
  • The audio I like, the video I could honestly do with a bit… more… of everything?
  • I criticized Salt & Sanctuary for the same thing.
  • However background is literally just that, background.
  • It’s not the core focus of GoNNER.
  • And GoNNER actually goes the extra mile to make you focus on its core.
  • The only things on the screen are you, your pieces, the enemies and the start and end of the level.
  • The rest appears only as you come close to it that it would be relevant.
  • It makes it plainly obvious you don’t have to worry about the environment until you have to, at which point it shows you the environment you need to care about.
  • It’s a different approach to the presentation of the 2D platformer roguelike genre.
  • I like it, not enough to make it a daily staple of my gaming habits, but I do like what they did.



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