LinuxGameCast Weekly 420: Flailing Gets $h!t Done

OBS 26 RC1 is out! Nvidia releases thirty somethings, Humble has a Linux filled 1C Bundle, and SteamTinkerLaunch learns how to Lutris. Then Shing! faces, that ChairQAsition. Al this, plus your hate mail.



08:19 EA returns to Steam
13:29 Peer-to-peer networking in Steam
15:59 Valve’s silence over DPC
19:09 Steam hardware survey for August
21:19 Tinker Steam adds Lutris support
22:49 Shing!
24:09 Desperados 3
25:54 Crusader Kings III
28:42 Shameless self promotion
34:02 Nvidia 30 somethings
39:02 OBS 26 RC1
42:52 Humble 1C Bundle
46:50 Hammer Dongers updates
48:21 Chairqasition: Shing!
01:02:28 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Join EA Play

  • Valve you need to get on this.
  • This is what Valve should offer for devs that want in on it.
  • What we don’t need is every damn studio and publisher having their own version of EA play.
  • £20 a year to access a buttload of games, yeah… Yeah!
  • If Valve did something like this with Steam they’d get a metric effeton of subscribers
  • But they’d need to find publishers willing to play ball.
  • Basically PSHome for EA
  • I can see models like this being particularly useful in the indie scene, especially given how nice those games usually are if several of them came together as a “publisher” and made a similar deal with Valve

Peer 2 Steam (RTheren)

  • Support for peer-to-peer connections.
  • And a config script for windows heathens

Valve and DCP

  • Apparently the Esports arm of Valve is slacking off
  • It’s very hard to have a controlled environment if everyone is playing from home.
  • Limiting the amount of people in an arena also means less money.
  • Basically, VALVe doesn’t want to pay out of pocket.
  • And neither do the rest of the eSports people.
  • Some of the tournament organizers and orgs have started to begin their own leagues in an attempt to self maintain and buy some time but I’m not sure how long they can maintain that for

Another rounding error

  • .03% is …something
  • RX480 is apparently on the rise. Also a lot fo 5700xts
  • Mac gained 0.14%
  • Uh?

Tinker Steam

  • It’s got quite a few updates since the initial launch.
  • Now with Lupis powers.
  • This teeny tiny bit of software is quickly becoming amazing.
  • Apparently there’s some dealings between them and strider to get this included in lutris. The two seems to have compatible goals that don’t really overshadow with one another

Steam: New Games


  • Twin stick beat’em up, eh?
  • Mass creation made with the keys, so we’ll be throwing chairs at it later.

Desperados 3

  • It’s available for linux, as promised
  • I wasn’t that big a fan of the first game when we threw chairs at it, but at least they followed through
  • RTT with cows and boys.
  • If you liked the first two Commandos games, this is that but with cowboys.
  • Just like the first two Desperados.

Crusader Kings III

  • Once more you can figure out how to commit incest, assasinate a pope and burn down a peasant village and blame it on Portugal
    • And then sit down for a nice relaxing game of Crusader Kings 3
  • Apparently this is the game where they’re giving you all the options for religions and their acceptance of sexual behaviours.
  • As well as keep track of your family lineage so you can call out people who try to marry you off to your mother.
  • Basically, I don’t care about playing it but I want everyone who does to do so.
  • I want those memes!


Nvidia 30 Somethings

  • The 3070 at $500 is going to make AMDs life difficult.
  • Only having 8GB is going to make it difficult to justify buying one.
  • I hope AMD can do something to undercut NVidia.
  • I’d like that 3070 or something equivalent for under £400.
  • Yup, the ball is really now in AMD’s court. It’s unclear if they can match performance with a 3070 though, 16 GB or not,.

OBS 26 RC1

  • New RNnoise hotness is enabled if you build the bits.
  • Can’t make much use of it on this end since a non-insignificant range of my voice is inhuman and RNnoise registers it as silence.
  • sRGB.
  • I think the browser should be included in this one.

Humble 1C

  • Devils Hunt lives up to the hype.
  • Deep Sky Derelicts and Fell Seal both got chair’d and I’d give them a solid Recommendation if you’re into RPGs
  • 6 Linux games and 2 bits of DLC for 2 of them in this Bundle.
  • 1C Publishing, something to watch!

Donging update

  • There’s a shovel knight looking boss thing.
  • The aesthetic really reminds me of a Gameboy colour zelda game, and I’m here for it
  • They got some new music and some earth shaking visuals

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Shing!
Devel: Mass Creation
Engine: Unity
Price: £15.49/ $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: Experience the most exciting and immersive beat-em-up combat system ever – become a kickass ninja and slice some demons in style!

Mandatory Disclosure: Big kudos to Mass Creation for sending us keys



  • Man, that initial load time was giving me Human Revolution flashbacks.
  • BUT
  • Everything worked OOTB, no issues.
  • Holding 60 at 2160 @ 1080.
  • Xclone wireless picked up and the button prompts were correct.


  • Out of the gate you will find yourself thinking, well, this is different.
  • Gone are the days of button mashing!
  • Enter the brave new world of flailing about with the analogue stick in hopes of doing …something?
  • That’s where the game lost me, hard.
  • For a brawler I need a reliable base strat to clear the area and get the conga line of smackdown setup.
  • Or at the very least know how and when the specials can be executed.
  • Shing! Never delivered this, not even a little bit.
  • Jumping around and slinging the stick proved just as effective as attempting something resembling a strategy.
  • I was never punished for this, not even once.
  • You can switch between characters but it’s all more of the same.
  • Smash the same four baddies for a few minutes, progress, get some edgy pre-teen dialouge, repeat.
  • There might be something to the local only multiplayer but it’s not there in singleplayer.
  • It does have a nice mini anime for the opening going for it.



  • Launches OOTB
  • This one has some loading screens, doesn’t it
  • I really like the part in Metal Gear Solid 2 and VR missions when you get the katana, and apparently so do the devs. They based their entire control scheme around it
  • It definitely looks like a unity 3d game. Especially on those wide exterior shots
  • I’m pretty sure the acting is supposed to be bad, a la girlchan in paradise? Maybe?


  • I burned my right thumb cooking before I started playing the game. Not’ the game’s fault, just real crappy timing
  • The big thing here is the fighting/combo mechanic. You wiggle the right analog stick and your sword, naginata, axe or tantos swing about
  • In theory you can use this freeform style to do some sweet kung fu ass kicking, but in reality you just end up kinda flailing as you’re not really able to be consistent
  • There’s a dodge mechanic that’s on a real nasty cooldown, especially if you choose to dodge at the wrong time
  • failing that the game wants you to perfect parry and gives you quite a bit of lead up time to do it with a “shing!” and flash. Which isn’t helpful when multiple enemies queued up their attacks
  • I tried a bit of the multiplayer with Mr Foxdogg. It was okay. It had the default effect of elevating a mediocre experience because a buddy was there
  • Also, there’s a nasty thing in one of the boss fights where you get sent some health dropping enemies near the end before the boss shows up, but his intro cinematic despawns them all so guess what eat shit haha
  • It’s just okay. I think it’s just one of those things that ends up being better on paper



  • It did the launching
  • On a couple of occasions the loading screens froze and I thought the game had frozen entirely, but no. It just takes a while.
  • Holds 144FerPS at 2560×1440.
  • DualShock 4 sorta worked out of the box, but the buttons were all misaligned.
  • Turning on Steam Input fixed that.
  • The voice acting is just on the right side of campy
  • The background music was generic twanging and it got muted fairly quickly.


  • Yeah, it’s pretty fun.
  • It’s also pretty damn hard.
  • Shing! was clearly meant for coop play.
  • In forever alone mode, every level after the first boss is a chore and if you’re not careful, you get stuck in a fuck you cascade with enemies basically timing their attacks perfectly to ensure you can never get up.
  • The control scheme is… different.
  • You attack twin stick style with the right analogue, but this isn’t a twin stick shooter.
  • So I ended up holding the controller with just my left hand and having what passes as my right hand just floating over the right analogue just doing the shimmy sham.
  • Which of course meant a big fuck you to me when you’re expected to start dropping bombs, which are bound the right button by default.
  • That said, it is still pretty fun!



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