LinuxGameCast Weekly 421: Keyboard Skittles!

The extermination bot services brings a little chaotic good to TF2, Fall Guys enables Easy Anti Cheat, 3DO DOOM gets remastered for Linux, and Radeon RX 6000 benchmarks begin to leak. Then Chronicon faces, the ChairQAsition.



05:15 Steam client beta updates containers
08:15 SteamDB adds top sellers list
09:26 CS:GO and cheating scandal
11:45 TF2 bot extermination service
14:25 Fall guys get EAC
16:15 Chronicon
17:14 There Is a Way
19:04 Faerie Solitaire Dire
21:00 Human Diaspora
23:10 Fury Unleashed
24:30 Apple sues Epic
29:00 Shameless self promotion
31:00 3080 benchmarks leaked
34:57 RX 6000 benchmarks
37:37 antimicrox
40:46 Phoenix DOOM
42:46 Beyond All Reason alpha
45:26 OpenRGB 0.4
48:21 ChairQAsition:Chronicon
01:00:44 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Client beta updoot

  • More updates and fixes for scout, steam’s container based runtime
  • A lot of this is behind the scenes stuff. I’m curious if we’re ever going to see an end result
  • You can edit your review if for some gods forsaken reason you ever change your mind
  • Could you fix the co-op category from expanding every, damn, time, I install a game?

Steam top sellers

  • Crusader Kings 3 takes 4 out of the top 10 best selling games for week 36

CS Cheating

  • I mean, Brazil’s not doing too good on those covid protocols, so yeah, maybe having your money makers avoid getting sick and potentially dying is the smrt move
  • If people found ways to cheat AT the arena, what do you think would happen if these things were to happen from home?

Steam: Game Updates

TF2 Bots

  • Nothing wrong with a little chaotic good.
  • Fighting fire with fire is probably not a bad idea at this point.
  • Granted, this will throw a grenade into Valves AI cheat detection.

Fallen Guys

  • EAC wrecking another online game.
  • But that wine support is totally coming you guys. Tim promised

Steam: New Games


  • 18.04 or get bent
    • More on that at 11.
  • Guys. Please stop it with the couch co-op.
  • Chairs will be flying in its direction, stick around!

There Is a Way

  • 39 + 1 endings. I wonder if there’s a hidden 40 – 1st ending
  • It’s an adventure/puzzle game with an interesting hook. The puzzles you do and how you do them affect the ending
  • THe puzzles seem to be a weird bunch of number dot puzzles?
  • Either way it seems ambitious
  • Taking the Stanley Parable concept and making it a more traditional video game is an interesting idea.
  • The action takes place in the scenery of San Francisco and Oakland.

Faerie Solitaire Dire

  • So this isn’t regular solitaire? It’s like a slightly different ruleset?
    • It is for you to discover the mechanics of Dire.
  • Whar faerie free cell?
  • Beware the grey, indomitable fog!
  • Sill no clue how to play solitaire.

Human Diaspora

  • Apparently this is done on OpenGLES 3.0 for both the windows and linux version.
    • It’s a bold choice Cotton
  • Looks like it could be an okay shooter
  • Could be very interesting, but I’mma wait for that Early Access to run its course.
  • It has some interesting looking environments, I’ll give it that.
  • No need for a graphics card.

Fury Unleashed (demo)

  • Demo is only available for a limited time. Cuz that’s how demos should work
  • Still waiting on the online multiplayer

Epic Watch

IMA sue U back

  • I mean, they did breach the contract.
  • I’m still not cool with them going after Apple and pretending the console makers are the slightest bit different.
  • They all make their own hardware and software.
  • Again, ya’ll fkd up going after Apple.
  • If the court hadn’t upheld the injunction to stop Apple from nuking the engine entirely, Apple would have probably already put the kibosh on Epic’s little stunt.
  • Apple owning Apple’s stuff is dystopian.
  • Epic owning Fortnite’s stuff is fine and dandy.


Powerful 3080

  • Got to see them 3070 digits.
  • If the CUDA jump is that mental it would be hard to pass, 8GB or not.
  • Come on AMD, something that’ll force NVidia to drive those prices down.
    • Me thinks AMD has already had to lower their prices for the Navi 2.
  • At times like these I’m super glad google translate is okay at german to english
  • But yeah, a 2X performance jump in cuda makes this a super attractive card to people doing production or GPGPU
  • To nobody’s surprise, openCL performance is junk but nobody’s dropping $$$ on Nvidia for openCL
  • Kids, keep dumping your 2080Ti’s on eBay.
  • Got to drive that price down just a wee more.
  • BTW PNY is fire-selling the 1080Ti for,and I’m not joking, about tree fiddy.


  • Strider should be making the traditional “is this linux hardware cast” comment right about meow.
  • Guessing that’s Navi 22, not 21.
  • It’s as fast as a stock RTX 2080 Ti.

I hate Micro X

  • They have a new release out that has both flatpaks and appimages
  • This is another program for mapping keys to xbox controller buttons. Handy if you have a spare one laying about
  • OG AntiMicro hasn’t seen an update in over 4 years, so here’s someone else trying to keep it relevant.


  • Enhanced 3DO DOOM goodness.
  • I guess some folks are really attached to the 3do version of it?

BAR Alpha

  • Looks like a quality FOSS game
  • Large scale RTS with an emphasis on AI directed units seems like it could be interesting
  • According to them, it’s a spiritual relative of Total Annihilation
  • That looks very good from the screenshots.
  • I’m not touching it but it does look very nice, indeed.

Blinky 0.4

  • Improvements to the ASRock RGB controller means I can probably get the SteamBox to go full rainbow puke on me without having to plug in a keyboard and do it in the BIOS.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Chronicon
Devel: Subworld
Engine: Gamemaker Studio 2
Price: £10.99 / $13.99 / $15.49
Wazzat: Use the magical device known as the Chronicon to travel into the souls and memories of fallen heroes to re-live their grand tales! Epic adventures full of loot and monsters await!

Mandatory Disclosure: Big thanks to Subworld games for the keys on Curator Connect



  • This game is only guaranteed to work on Ubuntu 18.04LTS.
  • I find this an odd choice with 20.04LTS being out.
  • Let’s give it a spin on Debian 10.5.
  • Hey! It launches in a little window!
  • Welp, setting it to fullscreen knackeres the input.
  • Can’t get past the menu now because there is no way to select anything with the keyboard.
  • Does not detect gamepads so there goes opton B for getting past the main menu.
  • Breaks Steam overlay, impressive.


  • Since they were kind enough to send us copies I did something I otherwise would not have done.
  • Slapped in the head with a little Proton 5.0 and low and behold everything works.
  • Even my controllers.
  • The menu is unreadable at UHD and that’s saying something since my monitor is 43”.
  • You click on things and they die.
  • Made it to the first legit big-bad boss skeleton and he teleported into a corner so I stood there for a full minute just clicking on him until he ded.
  • BTW, I don’t know if it’s intended behaviour but moving whilst booping is not an option?
  • It’s not my bag and as Pedro pointed out it’s a legit technical shite show.



  • It does launch
  • Says it detects no controllers. Which I guess is fine if you’re playing single player cuz you’re just going to be spamming left and right click
  • For a pixel game, everything is daaaark
  • And tiny
  • Way to hide all of the font scaling options at the bottom of the menu
  • It does have some good sound design though


  • It diablo. Real pixelly, hard to read on a UHD monitor diablo, but diablo nonetheless
  • It’s substantially easier than diablo, at least on normal, especially once you have something that does splash damage
  • Then it’s just click, click away
  • Honestly, the gameplay doesn’t feel too bad, it just gets a little boring for me. Diablo had story and characters and reasons to keep me interested, this game doesn’t
  • Also unlike diablo this one don’t have any sort of working online multiplayer
  • Nay, the steam overlay does not work, and therefore even if you wanted to you can’t use remote play
  • Also I’m pretty sure local MP is a no go, what with it not detecting any controllers steam input or no



  • This game is a technical shitshow!
  • If I start it with the dualshock turned on it crashes.
  • If I turn on or plug in the dualshock while it’s running, it crashes.
  • Go ahead and google Gamemaker Studio controller crash, it’s not just Linux
  • It starts in a window, for good reason.
  • If you enable Fullscreen, you need to push F11 to undo it otherwise goodbye mouse input.
  • No overlay!
  • It holds some magnificent 60FPS, because Gamemaker lies and doesn’t actually sync to the vblank
  • Had to use the nvidia API visual indicator, because MangoHud wanted nothing to do with it.
  • The text in the UI flickers in and out of focus.
  • The mouse movement option is off by default, despite this being a Diablo clone.
  • And it’s off for a very good reason too, it doesn’t work properly!
  • You’ll even get stuck on nothing and won’t attack enemies because the engine doesn’t register you let go of the button and clicked again.
  • Its one saving grace, the music.
  • Damn that’s some good music!


  • Fuck!
  • Yes! It is pretty damn fun.
  • I get to live my Diablo power fantasy all over again and it’s just as much of a time vampire.
  • If I had to complain about something I didn’t find fun in the gameplay itself, it’s the loot shower and how easy Chronicon is overall.
  • It also shits achievements like it had 3 litres of coffee beforehand.
  • I can absolutely see how a game this janky on a technical level gets an Overwhelmingly Positive score on Steam.
  • It’s all in the gameplay and that gameplay is pretty damn fun!



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