Linux Game Cast 463: Moth Of The Week

Unity games head to ChromeOS! Reverse-engineered GTA code is back online, Humble Bundle adjusts their sliders, Steam nukes a NAT, and Streets of Rage 4 Nightmare DLC gets a release date.

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00:00 Intro
07:51 Steam maps Dual Sense
12:26 Gamer-OS is ChimeraOS
15:11 Total War: WARHAMMER III
17:26 MADNESS: Project Nexus
19:26 Streets of Rage 4 DLC release date
21:31 Tales of Maj’Eyal 1.7.4
24:21 Minion Masters 2.0
31:16 Humble changes their sliders
36:41 Unity headed to ChromeOS
41:46 HeroicGamesLauncher 1.8.0
44:36 D3D12 Alpha 3
47:27 GTA code is back online
50:36 Pedro boxes soap
54:36 Review: META RPG
01:07:26 Email

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Client beta

  • Something in the something has knackered my download speeds as of late.
  • And an actual finalized mapping for the Dual Sense!
  • There should be no game that won’t take it now, especially with Steam Input.
  • Unless the game in question doesn’t do controllers at all.
  • And it looks like they fixed the update window of darkness.


  • RIP GamerOS.
  • Is the furry mascot new?
  • I really need to just get off my ass and finish the refactoring of the SteamBox.
  • 2TB NVMes are still ‘spensive though.
    • Extra so since it’s dangerous to not go Samsung now.
  • I like giant fire breathing turtles more than chimeras tbh
  • Updated to the latest kernel/Mesa/Nvidia
  • Only 3 new games added to the list

Steam: New Games


  • Yay?
  • I had hoped the first Total War: WARHAMMER would be more, well, warhammer.
  • It was little more than another skin pack for Total War.
  • Ohai, Feral!
  • There’s a non-zero number of people in our audience who are super stoked about this
  • I just don’t like total war that much

MADNESS: Project Nexus

  • I like the look!
  • I get some new grounds vibe from it
  • The weapon building mechanism sounds interesting.
  • The tags list it as “great soundtrack”

Steam: Game Updates

Rage 4 DLC

  • July 15’th.
  • $7.99.
  • Survival mode.
  • I just wanna crush some skulls with Estelle.
  • And then have her crush my skull

Tales of Maj’Eyal 1.7.4

  • Chat portraits so you don’t have to read the names to figure out what came from who.
  • Assassinate now works properly
  • New class that basically completes the roguelike circle.
    • Instead of having preset skill trees, or picking them with the Adventurer, it gets random ones every time.
  • And yetis are 100% less prude.
  • Every time I look at this game, i think “it looks cool, but damn if it isn’t daunting”
  • It’s at least gotta be better than what we’re throwing chairs at

Minion Masters 2.0

  • 2.0 looks like a rework of the core game?
  • The first truly successful game from BetaDwarf
  • And basically a better version of MTG: Battlegrounds, for two of you out there who remember that piece of shit.
    • So what, one other person in the audience
  • I prefer FORCED Showdown but Minion Masters is Free to Play.
  • Not linux native tho


The humble slide

  • We got tired of you fkrs setting our cut to zero.
  • Don’t let Epic catch you putting the minimum at 30%, they’ll stop allowing you to sell their games through your store.
  • Because it’s not like anyone wants to risk getting their account locked by having the audacity of buying more than 2 items at once.
  • It’s their right. At least they’re keeping some options.
  • I don’t think it’ll affect much unless prices in general go up.

Unity among chromebooks

  • In many cases a Chromebook will be weaker than mobile.
  • It’s nice to have that for those people who have managed chromebooks that can’t go into developer mode.
  • Or if you don’t want your chromebook beeping at you because you put it in developer mode.
  • You’d think you’d wanna invest in webvk and web assembly for targeting Chromebooks and not take up precious local storage
  • This seems to support the theory about beefier Chromebooks coming down the pipe
  • Now Chrome OS can enjoy unity export Jobs.

HeroicGamesLauncher 1.8.0

  • Now on mac and win
  • It’ll stop creating snapshots when you tell it not to
  • A lot more bug fixes and some better proton support
  • Apparently controller support and an update queue are on the roadmap for the net release

D3D12 Alpha

  • RIP ray tracing.
  • dIrT is back on the menu.
  • Re8 works again, as does a couple other denuvo titles
  • FYI, this is a tool that helps you dig through the graphical API calls a program makes. Useful if you, like joshy, need to dig through games to figure out why shit’s busted at that level
    • D3d12 is still a work in progress

GTA Returns

  • Take-Two didn’t even bother with a legal response.
  • Just being dicks because they can.
  • Remember developers. You don’t want people to be able to play your games. For good business reasons?
  • Even fucking EA figured this out.
  • One of the mirrors contested and was restored first so they figured, might as well.
  • Part of me really wants Take Two to take this to court and get slapped with the fines.

Crackbox Race World

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: M.E.A.T. RPG
Devel: Trippin Bears
Engine: Horizon Engine (GameMaker Studio 2 + Proprietary extras)
Price: £15.49 / $19.99 / $22.79

Wazzat: M.E.A.T. is a pixel art RPG game in a horror sci-fi setting, with renowned fight, movement and character development systems. Unravel the mystery of a sinister substance and become the hero of a small Canadian city during the Gold Rush era.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Does Not launch.
  • Launching from the command line gives this little gem.
  • Here is the same error but with more Vulkan.


  • Would not know.



  • Same shit as venn at first
  • Seems like there’s some json parsing issue
  • Going through the json mentioned in the console output, and the invalid resolution issue, I tried setting one monitor to 1080P and lo and behold the game runs
  • So it’s busted to the point where it won’t launch on anything bigger than a 1080P screen. Good jerb guys
  • And it still launches in a window so why the fuck is this even a problem?
  • The point and click controls are really bad. I know gameplay was that rough during the DOS ages, but it is 2021 now
  • The sound design is actually really good, and the pixel art really does capture the grittiness of the setting until I lay eyes on a giant beaver


  • So, playing in native 1080P on my UHD monitor cuz the game is busted is neat
  • This isn’t a roguelike, which, I know, is shocking
  • Basically you bop around an open world, with very strange overworld effect that really betrays where the FUCK YOU ARE
  • There’s a lot of waiting. The game kinda punishes you from taking an active approach to movement
  • The combat isn’t really great either. You equip a weapon, select a target and then wiggle in their general direction.
  • And so here we are, we have crappy exploration and traversal mechanics, and crappy fight mechanics.
  • Which is kinda the whole core of a CRPG there brad
  • At about the 30 minute mark, I really just stopped caring cuz I wasn’t having fun.
  • At the $20 mark, you really gotta bring more than this.



  • Had to browse to local files and launch it from there.
  • Doesn’t like to Fullscreen but, if there’s one thing KWin can do right, it’s manage windows.
  • It’s locked at 60FerPS at 2560×1440.
  • And it seems like the highest supported resolution is 2560×1600.
  • The visuals are very well done and so is the music
  • Keyboard and mouse affair this one.


  • It’s been a while since I’ve seen a game which does one thing so very right and so many things wrong.
  • Let’s start with the thing it does right:
  • Atmosphere! There’s tons of atmosphere from both the visuals and the creepy background music.
  • I’m pretty sure they even sampled a baby crying at one point.
  • But then it does a number of things very wrong:
  • Fullscreen is broken and it doesn’t support resolutions above 2560×1600
  • After you do manage to get in game, the pacing is glacial. As in, your character moves so slow they give you the Haste Skill for free when you finish the tutorial.
  • The awesome atmosphere I mentioned, completely ruined by the edgelord and 4th wall breaking dialogue.
  • I like when games don’t take themselves seriously, Turnip Boy being the perfect example. But MEAT sounds so desperate to be hip with the kids.
  • And the first several “quests” are fetch quests which are a complete waste of time
  • “Oh, you just came from town, but we need you to go back there to buy more things!”
  • No, fuck you and your complete disregard for my time as a player.
  • I had to walk all the way here twice at a snail’s pace because a high level bandit ganked me the first time, and good luck figuring out which are which without dying.
  • And now I have to go back and buy things to bring back here.
  • I know you can pay 20 gold to ride the train which doesn’t exist on the map, but I need that money to buy the pickaxes and the miner helmets, don’t I?
  • Fuck that!
  • If that’s the first impression you give of your game, I’d rather go do the dishes.



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