Linux Game Cast 482: The Spocker

Steam Decks get delayed by two months, DLSS on Linux with Proton Experimental, SDL goes 3D, setting up OBS, and building a Steam Deck development kit with spare parts.

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00:00 Intro
09:01 Steam Deck shipping delays
12:31 Building your own Steam Deck
16:41 Proton Experimental bleeding-edge
18:31 DLSS enabled for DX11 & DX12
23:51 Sky Harrier: Alpha Code
31:41 Nvidia G-sync flicker fix
34:41 xwayland (stable) for Nvidia
37:16 Ryan C Epic mega grant / SDL 3D
40:51 Open Source Yu-Gi-Oh
43:11 GPD XP
45:41 Setting up OBS on Linux
48:56 Review: end of Dyeus
01:01:01 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Sandy

Steam: News

Delays on Deck

  • Suck for everyone that thought they were getting one.
  • Having a product in stock before selling it?
  • Okay so I got the email about this and confirmed it yesterday that it was changed on my steam account to February.
  • But rechecked again today I have now been moved back further in the order line to Q2 2022 now…….WTF?
  • It’s been a good while since we’ve had to deal with some Authentic Southern Down-Home Style Valve Time ™
  • Whatever your estimate was, add two months to it.

Developing for Steam Deck without a Dev-Kit

  • That monitor is adorable.
  • Mom, I want a steamdeck.
  • Manjaro is their recommendation for noobs, which makes sense. Arch on Easy mode
  • Dev environment is controlled by a steam utility so as long as you have a recent AMD APU and can get your game running at 800p@60 on a linux box, you’re good
  • They say you can’t test gamepad ui and gamescope, but I think that’s just a more tricky thing to set up for a beginners guide
  • Developer images coming soon.
  • That adorable little monitor will sell right the hell out.


  • If the Proton experimental is a bit outdated for your taste.
  • Running this is like running Rawhide back in 2009.
  • At your own peril.
  • This still is really really experimental.
  • Like, the new DLSS stuff if broken in nightly.
  • I would recommend enabling the latest hotness for the runtime if you’re running the beta client.

DLSS 2.Tombs

  • It works.
  • 2160p on High (balanced DLSS) with everything on 11 minus hair & booty physics.
  • Nvidia 2060 is keeping things above 60, just.
  • Same setting minus DLSS is managing 40.
  • Y’all welcome for the shaders I’m cooking.
  • Can’t do this with the native version.
  • Aaand it works in Shadow of Tombs, RIP Feral.
  • Added support for selected BattlEye games.

Steam: New Games

Sky Harrier: Alpha Code

  • To be honest I would have to wait for the final release before I would even think of picking this game up. This game is going to be going against EX-Zodiac which already has a demo and is releasing next year.
  • Yeah, If this is priced over $10, I don’t see it selling super well
  • I guess if you’re clamoring for a new SNES star fox, this game is for you?


Flicker fix

  • No more blinking for you wacky kids with the variable refresh displays.
    • I still don’t know why anyone wants a variable refresh rate
      • Folks who can’t hit 60 but want to feel like they do.

It’s finally here

  • Xwayland on Nvidia baby
  • I installed it.
  • Steam doesn’t seem to want to launch in weston.
  • I’m happy to let things simmer until Debian 12.
  • Well, unless Gamescope starts doing some hella-cool shite.


  • Thanks to a late onset Epic Megagrant, SDL2 is going to be getting some basic 3d Support
  • Since most of the Metal/Dx12/vulkan meat is handled by the shaders themselves, it stands to reason that a simple interface exposed by SDL can help speed some stuff up and reduce the amount of boilerplate code needed
  • SDL will develop a cross-platform GPU API that is easier to use and Just Works.
  • Vulkan is neither because it needs 1000 lines to draw a triangle on screen and is so low level that differences between AMD and nVidia GPUs are exposed.
  • Kinda like bgfx.

Open Source alternative version of Yu-Gi-Oh 1st gen game

  • I tried to get this to build without the instructions
  • You’re gonna at least need mono-devel, libevent and php to at least attempt this
  • I failed, so I guess it’s not time to du-du-du-duel
  • Also I don’t see any heart of the cards settings in the code


  • This would make a great PC for the datacenter.
  • Primarily focused on Android gaming.
  • I’m sure some enterprising hackers will get actual Linux running on it eventually
  • Not sure about the hot swappable controller tho

First time OBS

  • It’s my first time baby, I swear.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to OBS on Linux this might be of use.
  • It should get you started with setting up an interface, microphone, and webcam.
  • Basic game capture.
  • Basic overlays.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The End of Dyeus


Devel: Curious Planet

Engine: Custom

Price: 14.99USD/ 17.49 CAD

Wazzat: Go in a quest for Dyeus in a primitive and cryptic open world ! Face mysterious assailants in intense and fast paced sword fights, and survive against a carnivorous fauna. Will you uncover the truth about Dyeus?

Mandatory Disclosure: They sent us keys



  • Fullscreen causes all the monitors to flip right the hell out.
  • Not everyone plays on a laptop, you should test for this.
  • Bunch of random resolutions with the exception of 2160p.
  • Holds 60 @ 2160p but yeah, it better.
  • Tap that Proton button fam.
  • Controller works if you’re up for a minigame of hit the start button.


  • Do you like small worlds filled with… well, fk and or all.
  • Not much going on here if I’m honest.
  • Run around in a mostly empty world, loot chests, boop baddies.
  • I got the bone, sword, spear, and bow & shield.
  • Looks like you get some guns later on but I didn’t make it that far.
  • Combat falls into the “technically works” category.
  • Everything can be killed to death with the boop + backtrack + boop strat.
  • Old school “ coming right for us” AI minus the archers.
  • Archers run away in a straight line and slide a little to the L or R.
  • Then you get killed by a flying creature that you may or may not be able to see.
  • At $14.99 The End of Dyeus finds itself priced the same as Hollow Knight.
  • Gentlemen, this is no Hollow Knight.



  • Yeah, that fullscreen es no bueno
  • The in game controls are WASD, but the tutorial prompts sometimes say otherwise
  • The art style could be described as “what if the elder scrolls arena was made in roblox”
  • Holds 60


  • Dark Souls style storytelling do be all the rage, but y’all realize they had a useful bit of epic preamble to set the stage. Here you get a screensaver and a post it note
  • I get that the point of the game is to explore and discover what it is you’re supposed to be doing but you could very easily miss the first little note that tells you where all the macguffins are
  • And then you go out in a world where literally everything moving is trying to kill you
  • That’s when the fighting starts. First with some dudes with knives, then spears, then some motherfucker with a cannon started shooting at me in his church
  • The fighting isn’t great. It’s about on par with other first person action games like elder scrolls. Nobody ever really talks up the fighting in elder scrolls
  • You don’t really lose that much progress when you die. They have bonfires (or wishing fountains in this case)
  • There certainly seems like there’s a lot to do, but it lacks the hook to get you motivated
  • I guess based on the marketing copy you’re supposed to bring the motivation yourselves, but it really doesn’t suck the new player in



  • Launches OOTB
  • Setting the resolution in the game is weird. I tried to set it for 1080 but when I restarted the game it went back to default.
  • Also fullscreen caused some frames to drop at 1080 which ended up bringing my gameplay between 49 ~ 54 ferps. When i set it below 1080? Goes right back to 60 ferps
  • Controller input needs to be set as it didn’t work OOTB so keep that in mind if you get this game. And like playing with a controller
  • Music is pretty good.


  • I was getting Legend of Zelda vibes the whole time I was playing. Its like they said “Yo, Legend of Zelda but in first person”
  • You have no sprint and you have no jump action which is a let down. But I kind of understand that they are trying to make the gameplay difficult which I can respect.



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