Linux Game Cast 549: Maybe Bytes

DOTA 2 banhammers 40K accounts! Overclocking AMD GPUs on Linux with LACT, 3D printed gamepads, and poking Steam LAN transfer for fun.

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00:00 Intro
01:02 1’st time with Metal Gear
01:53 Sneaky Pipes
04:18 Discord AV1
06:06 Jordan buys a thing
07:09 A year of Deck
09:53 DOTA bans 40,000 cheaters
13:46 Steam LAN transfer beta
18:48 2023 Sale dates
21:20 ChimeraOS 39
24:08 Joon Shining
26:58 Evil Below
30:22 Jackbox Part Pack 2
36:58 AMD GPU clocking with LACT
41:10 Bottles 51.0
43:46 CrocDE BRender
46:50 Civ 1 clones
49:48 Alpakka review
54:32 Clunky Hero
01:11:03 JRPG

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

DOTA Cheats

  • Banhammer 40K.
  • Seems like a lot until you notice the 584,355 24-hour peak.
  • Still, 14% is not bad for a F2P game.
  • Ah the Honeypot. Classic blue team shenanigans
  • I can smell the salt.
  • On the other hand, DotA is really not my jam so I still have 0 interest in trying it.

Steam LAN (sandy)

  • Hmmm, can’t install from deck to another PC
  • Apparently there’s some throttling.
  • At least on windows it caps out at about 36mbps.
  • Nope, can’t upload from the deck even while plugged in to the dock and using gigabit ethernet.
  • From desktop to the Deck it transferred Elden Ring at around 75MB/s
  • That’s slower than the 80-90 MB/s I get from the interwebs usually.
  • Decided to take the Pepsi Challenge.
  • Installing Trackmania on the Wrecktangle using Threadbooper as the source.
  • Couple of options in the Download section.
  • I selected to/from any since they are different accounts.
  • It was peaking around 150MB/sec on my internal 10 gig fibre network.
  • This could be handy if you are on metered bandwidth or simply want to avoid clogging up the pipes.
  • Also, this shit becomes invaluable at a LAN.

Official sales and Fest

  • Ok so next fest is 3x/year. Got it
  • Next up are mystery, sports and puzzles
  • I look forward to whichever sale brings the PS2 Baldur’s Gate games down to or below £15.
    • ‘Member when the Dark alliance series was good

ChimeraOS 39

  • Now with the Deck UI by default.
  • System updates integrated with the UI.
  • Support for Nintendo DS games
  • Yeah, maybe lay off this version if you’re on nvidia. At least until they sort the performance issues

Steam: New Games

Joon Shining

  • Looks like a 2-D bouncy ball minigolf game but with a wizard.
  • Golf Puzzle Platformer, gotcha!
  • Demo fails to launch on Debian testing.
  • Reviews are sus as hell, all of em.

Evil Below

  • Their website just returns a misconfigured page if you go past the bad cert warning.
  • Looking on their youtube channel I found an email address and their location is listed as being from Portugal
  • I don’t honestly know what to think, and they didn’t reply to my key request email.
  • Microphone recommended? Okay.
  • Kinda looks Village-y. Has a neat aesthetic
  • The one review in english said that the combat was super bland and the controls were floaty

Steam: Game Updates

Dynamite bombs

  • It took me a bit, but I finally remembered our issue with that bomb disposal game. It was pretty unforgiving
  • THis adds some easy mode options, like a retry option and longer timers on the earlier bombs
  • Good on you folks for updating a game from 2015
  • This was an odd one since we installed it last week and I was all WTF is this getting an update for.
  • Nice seeing updates for 8yr old games.



  • SCREENSHOTS! My man.
  • Looking for a Linux AMDGPU Controller?
  • How about one that uses GTK4 for the GUI?
  • Has voltage control for newer GPUs AND advanced fan curve configuration?
  • Then look no further than LACT!
  • Continuing the proud tradition of poorly named open-source projects.
  • Now add the ability to apply brightness/contrast + colour correction and you have a tool that does something different than the other eleventy.

Bottles 51.0

  • Nothing too exciting on this release
  • Seems to just be cleanup, bugfixes and some improvements to their issue management


  • Are you a croc: legend of the gobbos diehard?
  • I have vague memories of Croc related advertisements from magazines and commercials in my childhood
  • Foone got their hands on the Argonaut Games Brender engine and threw it up on github.
  • This allowed our intrepid project to get started on porting and enhancing the game for modern systems
  • Shit like analog controller support, as this was released in the early days of the playstation
  • That’s the one I’ve been playing.
  • It works with whatever controller SDL recognizes, it’s good.

Civ 1

  • Interesting little read.
  • Nobody has made a proper civ 1 clone.
  • Attempts have been made but never completed.
  • Done in typescript so it runs in a browser and therefore everywhere


  • As a first effort, it’s already a lot better than some commercial units.
  • And being from a small team and DIY to the bone, something tells me there’ll be more.
  • Can I scroll browser tabs with the one handed controller?

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Clunky Hero
Devel: Chaosmonger Studio
Engine: Unity
Price: £13.99 / $14.99 / $19.99

Wazzat: A crazy platformer with a touch of RPG and tons of quirky but challenging things! Lovely hand-drawn-looking graphics, for a world crowded with funny creatures and bizarre weapons. Join Rufus, the antihero with broom and bucket, on his absurd journey.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Everything works.
  • Almost.
  • This game is locked at 60 no matter how hard I click on disable vsync.
  • Xboxen 1 had a logical layout for a platformer.
  • Music is the standard medieval jam.
  • Monster death noises sound like they asked everyone on the team to go blargh in the mic.


  • Is Clunky Hero fun?
  • Well, it’s not not fun, how about that?
  • It’s generic platformer #1143202874028347.
  • Granted, it’s only the 374th medieval platformer and the 213th medieval platformer with comedic overtones.
  • But it’s just a platformer.
  • It’s trying to sell you with art and writing.
  • The 4th wall breaking dialogue is a wee on the nope side of cringe but has that occasional moment.
  • The art however, WTF.
  • 2D background art looks the business but what intern was in charge of the 3D assets?
  • Yeah, our bucktagonist looks alright but the baddies, well.
  • If I said they came from the $0.99 section of the Unity asset store, would you argue with me?
  • Eh, at the end of the day it’s a metrodvania platformer where you have to go into inventory to unlock collected area maps.
  • What damaged human being on the team decided that was a good use of my time?
  • Platformers have had to do something more than platform for a long time.
  • 80+ minutes into Clunky and all I’m doing is platforming.
  • Ya know, like Hollow Knight did.
  • With the atmosphere, hyper-tight controls, and overall mysterious world.
  • Because at $14.99 it’s priced the same.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 60 @ UHD and 1080P
  • Hey, correct PS4 prompts!
  • Controls are decently responsive. No issues
  • There’s some generic fantasy noodling and some good ol’ fashion gibberish voice acting


  • It’s kinda meh
  • There isn’t really anything wrong with the gameplay. It’s a pretty basic metroidvania
  • You get some quests, bop some monsters and try to advance until you can’t and then start backtracking
  • Your hurtbox is pretty long, outside your sprite for sure. No dodge
  • The fast travel costing money is a bit of a nuisance, but grinding it isn’t too bad
  • It’s got a hollow knightey upgrade system where you can unlock slots and fill them with various upgrades
  • Also, you gotta find the map in a given level, then you unlock the whole thing. So you gotta scrape if you don’t wanna keep all the locations in your head
  • Save point placement is far enough apart that you gotta actually explore the map before you can save your progress. Sometimes they throw you a bone,sometimes they don’t
  • The writing isn’t the worst,but it does suffer from some “clever-writing-itis”
  • After about 1.25 hours, it didn’t click with me.



  • Launches out of the box both on the desktop and they Deck
  • Holds 144 on the desktop when not recording, OBS and Unity games don’t like each other still.
  • Holds 60 on the Deck on the “Fantastic” preset
  • Controllers seem to all work as intended.
  • Magnificent 2.5D graphics, and solid mumbo-jumbo voice acting.
  • I’m exaggerating a little but both are serviceable for what they are.


  • Could be.
  • Enemies respawn when you reload or simply start the game again, but your health does not refill.
  • There’s no indication that you’re about to get impaled by a standard Unity spear asset, right up until it caresses your character’s hitbox inappropriately.
  • It’s a little frustrating at times.
  • Your character is only swinging a mop but damn if those swings feel unsatisfying.
  • At least get some sloshing noises for when you hit something and your broom is supposedly wet with the gore of your defeated foes.
  • The hitboxes are also a little on the random side, you can hit some enemies without your attack visual effect clipping their model but others you need to get right up on them.
  • And some enemies can also damage you without actually touching you.
  • I’m usually the one most easily amused but even I found myself going meh on some of the puns/jokes.
  • It’s a fully functional metroidvania, but that’s all it is.



Hate Mail:


  • Not at all what I said.
  • From wikipedia ( The term “rocket-propelled grenade” is a backronym from the Russian acronym РПГ (Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт, Ruchnoy Protivotankovy Granatomyot), meaning “handheld anti-tank grenade launcher”, the name given to early Russian designs”
  • So while yes the modern usage does indeed imply rocket propelled grenade, and while that is an accurate description whose initials happen to match, it’s not what the “R” actually stood for.
    • It stood for RUSSIA! But screw those guys

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