Linux Game Cast 570: SciFi Moustache Man

BattleBit’s new anti-cheat supports Linux! Steam Decks with easily replaceable batteries, what really happened between Dolphin EMU and Nintendo, Denuvo doesn’t affect performance, and Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam?


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00:00 Intro
00:30 OUCH my toe
00:51 Random merch
01:27 Power outages
01:49 Jordan has a book
02:42 Car accessory update
04:08 Replaceable batteries for Steam Decks
06:27 The added cost of replaceable batteries
08:54 Proposed battery format
10:08 Do you replace batteries?
11:26 Fish glue
11:46 Steam beta shows Deck compatibility
14:29 RIP old Steam UI
15:02 Blizzard is bringing Overwatch 2 to Steam
16:23 Next Blizzard game on Steam?
18:59 GE Proton brings back FSR!
21:29 Games that require old versions of Proton
22:05 Roto Force
23:19 Operating system similar to Ubuntu 14
24:16 Forklift Racer
25:55 Zelda Deku Tree UE5 demo
27:00 Battle Bit Linux anti-cheat support
29:41 TPM 2.0 for anti-cheat?
31:46 Good anti-cheat equals profit
32:21 What happened with Dolphin EMU on Steam?
37:37 Skipping game tutorials!
40:26 Quitting before finishing the tutorial
41:37 Tutorials done right
44:23 Denuvo doesn’t cause performance problems
45:16 Games currently broken due to DRM
46:28 6% performance loss is not little
47:00 Linux games not working with Denuvo
47:59 Proposal for Windows gaming edition
48:46 Egregoria 3D city builder
49:53 PBR shaders
50:53 Growing up playing city builders
51:48 Remember full encyclopedia sets?
54:53 Noskill desktop users
57:03 Where is Linux at on the Desktop in 2023?
57:44 How to grow Flatpak.exe adoption
58:40 Windows vs MAC desktops
01:01:21 That one time Venn screamed at a YT video
01:04:21 Credits!

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Battery Decks

  • Didn’t think about it affecting handhelds.
  • Good!
  • I’ve taken several laptops apart and put them back together, some of which were significantly thinner than the Deck, and not even the Macbooks had glue on the battery.
  • And if VALVe get clever with the design they could have an external clip on battery that people could replace on the go and charge outside of the deck.
  • Bigger, heavier, more expensive.
  • Maybe this will encourage some innovation in the swappable battery space
  • I miss the days of hot swappable batteries. I think the size increase was worth it.
  • Could this bleed over to controllers?

Steam Deck compatibility

  • Seeing the steam deck compatibility thing outside the deck client is nice.
  • Saves you a plugin or trip to steams
  • Overlay has a built in timer now
  • High priority threads for controller input now
  • The xdg_desktop_portal was originally developed for what we now know as flatpaks.
  • It’s also used in Wayland a lot as the frontend for file access, opening URIs, printing, etc..
  • RIP old UI forever.

Blizz on Steam

  • Another one bends the knee.
  • The much beloved Overwatch 2 was the one they picked?
  • Does this have to do with the microsoft merger? “Hey, this game everyone hates is now available on two different distribution platforms now! We’re not anticompetitive”
  • Ah, yes.
  • That game that requires that you give it your phone number.
  • If they put Hearthstone on Steam I might be tempted, but as long as the scum that is upper management at Actiblizzion are still there, I want nothing to do with them.

Proton FSR

  • I didn’t know FSR was the broken but it’s back.
  • protonfixes added for Neptunia Re;Birth 1 & 2
  • Vkd3d, dxvk, and nvapi have all been bumped up.
  • Gamescope being globally available has diminished the need for it, but some folks don’t wanna gamescope and some games just don’t scope

Steam: New Games

Roto Force

  • It’s a schmup where you rotate the level
  • However if this is too advanced for your brain meats they also have a fixed screen mode where you move normally.
  • Only 4 colours at a time. Dems da rules
  • How far does your neck crane, the game.

Forklift Racer

  • The best part of the Shenmue series comes to Steam.
  • Online racing and forklift customization.
  • Not to be confused with Forkdrift

Steam: Game Updates

Battle Bit on Linux

  • Master League Gaming/E-Sports League sanctioned anti-cheat.
  • First introduced in 2016 at the height of the CSGO eSports cheating scandals
  • The regular version of it is exactly the slimy, draconian, ultimately useless and redundant kind of anti-cheat that makes me want to shout.
  • “An application that runs when you are playing one of our protected games (like CSGO);
  • A kernel mode driver that is loaded at boot
  • A server-side SDK that ensures communication between the client and server happens in a trusted and secure manner.”
  • If the words “Ring-0 Punkbuster with an SSL alternative” don’t immediately make you question why, then you’re exactly the kind of person they want.
  • Obey, citizen!
  • Though, the Linux version supposedly will be “tamer”.
  • Nice of the battlebit folks to wait until linux got implemented in their new anti cheat before switching over
  • The current faceit module leverages tpm2.0 and I’m curious if their linux version will leverage it as well.
  • “Popular version of Linux” raises an eyebrow.


The dolphin story

  • The article explains that removing the key wouldn’t make a difference.
  • Valve wants Nintendo’s approval.
  • Valve knows Nintendo’s reputation for waging expensive and often frivolous lawsuits.
  • The blog post also details Dolphin’s stance on the legality of them shipping the WCK
  • They and Voyer law seem to think that they are in the clear, as circumvention of encryption is only a small portion of what Dolphin actually does.
  • Be that as it may, circumventing encryption is the big no no in US law.
  • But I too wouldn’t want to fight VALVe.

Game tutorials

  • Yes, please!
  • My all time favorite game is Fallout 2.
  • Everyone fucking hates the Temple of Trials, that game’s tutorial.
  • And it was designed to not be skippable regardless of how many times you’ve played the game.
  • This is why a lot of people resort to modding.
  • Bethesda is definitely the biggest offender in this category with Squeenix not too far behind.
  • I’m getting pokemon sun and moon flashbacks. That tutorial was literally like 2 hours. For pokemans!
  • Some games go ahead and bury choices in the tutorials, so just replacing all of that with a checklist or option select dialogue would be nice.
  • Have you ever quit a game because the tutorial would simply not STFU?
  • I have, recently.
  • But sometimes you don’t want the tutorial to be skippable.
  • Online games like Naraka need those 30+ minutes of learning before releasing you into the world.
  • It’s a hard balance to strike.
  • Assassins Creed does a shockingly good job by letting you cock around for a few hours before the title drop.

Denuvo is good

  • The best thing Denuvo has going for it is that it goes away with a quickness these days.
  • Refuting claims about lost performance would be nice.
  • It doesn’t fix all the other problems that anti-cheat causes
    • Article mentions several games available on steam that have been unplayable for almost over two years due to busted Games for WIndows Live DRM
  • I’d very much like to see a 1 to 1 comparison on the same hardware, same software, with the only difference being whether or not Denuvo was baked in and running.
  • I’d genuinely like to see that and not just the latest version of Denuvo, when they probably finally figured out what was causing the significant performance issues older versions seemed to have.
  • Has there been a game that Proton had trouble with in recent memory?


  • A 3D City Builder without a grid!?
  • Think Skylines with more sim and less game.
  • Yes it’s done in Rust.
  • Each individual has its own thought model.

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