Linux Game Cast 571: A Shouty Shirt

The open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA is (almost) ready! Valve is headed to Gamescom, OpenMW gets a little foggy, and the ESRB wants to scan kids’ faces to enforce game ratings.


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00:00 Intro
00:46 Dressing Frank
01:21 Venn buys a MAC
03:36 Prepping for Barbenheimer
04:00 Portal Reloaded adventures
05:28 Car accessory update
07:23 Valve at Gamescom
08:39 Remembering Xfire
09:31 Half-Life Crab Shift
09:38 G-Man Snap
10:21 New stat system for SteamWorks
12:24 Better discovery for Steam games
13:38 Mr. Run and Jump
16:01 Rightfully Beary Arms
17:49 Keys in emails
18:06 WrestleQuest
19:10 Pedro don’t wrestle
20:14 Stealth wrestling fans
20:53 WWE litigation
22:41 Whisker Squadron: Survivor
23:25 The structural integrity of cat helmets
25:27 Nvidia open-source Vulkan drivers
27:18 Kepler is HOW OLD!?
30:45 Amazon Prime games with Heroic Launcher
31:02 Netflix resolutions on Linux
32:41 Venn vs Flatpaks
34:29 Building Ardour from source
35:38 OpenMW 48
38:27 Modding in OpenMW
39:31 Do you even Elder Scroll?
40:30 Browser MMO Enion Online
41:40 Pedro defends npm
42:59 ESRB facial recognition
44:14 Teaching kids about facial recognition
47:28 Solutions for underage gaming?
52:24 Ruby Mech Souls
53:13 Best kind of mech?
55:52 And now we’re talking about TEKKEN
57:43 Email: Getting into Linux
01:00:29 Old Linux was different
01:05:04 The Hackentosh way
01:06:13 Apple EW
01:09:13 Credits

Steam: News


HL3 Confirmed

  • Relive the events of HL1 from the perspective of a Headcrab. 
  • According to a report, the Gamescom companion app confirms Valve is one of the many publishers attending the event next month.
  • Probably Steam Deck related. 
    • Is this where they finally announce the steamOS release.
      • HL3 would be more believable. 
  • Or project Citadel. 
  • Ricochet 2!   
  • Come on Ricochet 2!
  • The xfire name sure gets around these days.
  • Most likely Counter Strike 2 as the article speculates.
  • That is the one game we know for a fact is coming.


Steamy traffic tools

  • RIP Google Analytics. 
  • Steam’s UTM System will give developers info on One-Day Conversion Tracking, Geographic breakdown, Visitor device categoryVisitor device category, and New vs Returning users. 
  • If you’re a Steam partner you can already see these at

Steam: New Games

Mr. Run and Jump

  • First ATARI Linux title?
    • 29th:
  • Looks like VVVVVvvVVvVVv + Celeste and a lethal dose of glowsticks. 
  • The movement looks slick as well. 
  • That price is detached from reality. 
  • Mr. Run and Jump, not to be confused with Jumpman
  • Celeste and Meatboy on the vaporwave a e s t h e t i c 


Rightfully Beary Arms

  • That’s a neat twist on the roguelike improvement mechanism
  • Your enemies get stronger, but you get to pick how they get strong and hopefully try to match your strengths to their new weaknesses and vise versa
  • Enter the Gungeon with more 3D.



  • Pro wrestling and JRPGs seem like a chocolate peanut butter situation
  • Wrestling is already pretty much IRL anime
  • Got lots of classic rasslers like our lord and saviour macho man, DsngJoe’s best friend Jake the Snake, and Andrei the Giant
  • I still don’t like wrestling
  • And making it a traditional JRPG of sorts isn’t really changing my opinion.
  • It’s a JRPG but with wrastlin aaaaaand… that’s about it?
  • What’s the overlap with JRPG and Wrestling fans? 
  • There is a large fanbase for both. 


Whisker Squadron: Survivor

  • Makes me want to race the sun for some odd reason. 
  • Kitty Kat Starfox.   Very vapourwave
  • It’s got a linux demo
  • This is the prelude to Whisker Squadron proper which is coming in 2024.
  • They describe it as “a more streamlined corridor shooter with roguelite survival elements, featuring the same cast of feline pilots”.
  • The game of theirs I really want to play is Cats Fly Helicopters
  • I really liked Race the Sun.
  • That demo needs some work. 
    • Yeah, the tutorial is some long stretches of nothing


NVK in Mesa

  • It’s almost here you guys!
  • Not quite vulkan 1.2 just yet
  • Not quite enough for DXVK or Zink either
  • Still requires the new nouveau kernel api that’s still under development
  • That was really quick.
  • They do say it’s not going to be on par with RadV, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • This and an easier way to install NVidia Open to use the proprietary blobs for Cuda would make the NVidia driver installation BS infinitely better.
  • After 13 months of work by a gang of people the open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA hardware is ready to land in MESA. 
  • It’s not at feature parity with RADV but a solid foundation is in place. 
  • This will have a hard requirement on a new nouveau kernel API. 
  • NVK currently supports Turing (GTX 20XX and GTX 16XX) and later. 
  • Support as far back as Kepler (RTX 6XX and RTX 7XX) is planned. 


  ‘Boa Hancock’

  • Widevine is now available through heroic so you can watch yout 720P netflix
  • Prime gaming integration is nice.  We all forget that amazon tosses us free games every once in a while and it’s good to have a convenient way to fetch them
  • Also includes proton and steamdeck compatibility info on the game pages
  • You can use the Steam Runtime with the flatpak now, 


Open MW

  • Not bad for a project that started with DLang and Ogre. 
  • Clever person figured that reversing the z-buffer rendering would make it so distant objects would be far less likely to z-fight.
  • The distance clipping fog is no longer a square around your character and blends much better into the distance.
  • Rain now causes ripples in the water like in the original Morrowind when you cranked up the graphics.
  • Soft particle rendering, animation re-works… there’s a lot!


Enion Online

  • Browser based Team PVP MMO
  • Kinda gives me roblox meets WoW vibes
  • Maybe it’s the color palette, but that screenshot gives me Lego vibes.
  • I want to play with it but npm? Na. 


Face verification

  • I’m very glad phrenology is making a comeback, although maybe my deviant skull shape has something to do with that.
  • Giving kids direct motivation to learn the exceptionally easy task of cracking facial rec is probably a good idea. 
  • I like how this type of invasive bullshit is being sold as “won’t you please think of the children” while collecting photos of children and sending it to their servers.
  • Irony is fucking dead.

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