Linux Game Cast 575: Rollback NES Code

Getting Fedora on Deck with Bazzite, raytraced headcrabs with Half-Life 2 RTX, AMD launches the 7800 XT, GPUVis lands in mesa, and a NES emulator with built in network multiplayer.


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00:00 Intro
01:51 Playing with old hardware
02:23 New software for the podcast
04:32 Sugar free diet Jordan
05:07 Charging the Spectrum
06:21 Drive time Pedro
08:07 Fedora on the Steam Deck with Bazzite
10:54 Nvidia powered Steam Decks?
11:57 Where is SteamOS?
12:16 Phil Spencer on Deck
12:48 BG3 on Xbox
13:22 Retro Deck button mapping
14:24 Newest system to emulate on the Deck at 60 FPS?
15:29 Denuvo Anti-Cheat on Switch
16:06 Zoria Age of Shattering
17:18 Dungeon Siege: the Movie
17:40 Do you still play games on a HDD?
19:12 DeathBulge
21:40 Half-Life 2 RTX
26:35 Running with Rifles camera MOD
28:00 Asymmetrical multiplayer CAM
29:47 AMD announces 7800-xt 7700-xt GPUs
34:57 GPUs competing on gimmicks
36:32 NVIDIA SLI fixes?
37:33 DKMS works again!
38:57 Sony Playstation Portal remote play
41:05 Only $199!??
43:58 Epic offers devs 100% revenue share
48:49 GPUVis in Mesa
53:42 NES emulator with online multiplayer
01:03:34 Linux overtakes MAC
01:07:20 Building your first PC

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Blue Deck

  • It’s a mash up of steamOS, Poopos and Nobara

  • Will also run on your deck in gamepad-ui mode

  • Has all the necessary proprietary GPU bits for Nvidia and AMD installed

  • Apparently runs steam out of an arch linux based container what?

  • Given how long it’s taking ChimeraOS to resume support for NVidia, it was inevitable that something like this would pop up.

  • Did you buy a Steam Deck and end up feeling that you’re not getting an authentic Linux experience?

  • Seeing as how the STeam Deck JustWorks ™

  • Well, here is something to slap on it for some weekend tinkering.

  • Bazzite on Deck is ready to give you something to play with.

  • Ships with Lupis preinstalled, support for 32GB of RAM, Patched Mesa for gamescope, and the ability to dual boot into Windows.

Retro Deck button fixes

  • You can now update this app from discover, although currently that’s the only way you can do it

  • Remapped button layout based on some user feedback

  • Realistically, what’s the newest system that you can emulate at 60FPS on the Deck?

Steam: New Games

Zoria: Age of Shattering

  • They reached out over email to let us know about the upcoming release.

  • Always down to see more fantasy tactics RPGS.

  • This one also has some base building stuff a-la XCOM

  • This is this company’s second RPG after Gamedec.

  • THeir other game is a deckbuilder roguelike

  • It’s got a demo too!

  • Looking at the screenshots and trailer, it’s almost like they really liked Dungeon Siege but wanted it to be turn-based instead.

  • Going to be hard to compete with Baldur’s ding dongs in 2023.

Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands (RTheren)

  • Deathbulge has something in its front pocket for you.

  • It’s a hand-drawn RPG where you can attack baddies with music.

  • Were they able to licence the Spice World soundtrack.

  • Combat is turn-based but looks like it has a DDR’ish rhythm mechanic as well?

Steam: Game Updates


  • Can’t wait to stutter around in this bad boy.

  • I want RTX HL1 so I can see G-man’s beautifully ray traced triangle face

  • I look forward to not being able to play Half-Life 2 in 202X

  • Can we play with the Morrowind mod tools yet?

  • And by we I mean NVidia making them available and compatible with OpenMW.


  • I would like to believe this will not require DLSS eleventy + framegen + whateverthehellthatnewraytracingthisis in order to have an acceptable experience at 1080p, medium.

Running with Rifles 1.97

  • Camera mod now available for people to play with.

  • I look forward to someone using it to have a semi-working over-the-shoulder third person view.

  • New map, Route 666, along with changes and fixes to existing maps.

  • Route 666 is also on the rotation along with the rest of the maps for the default campaign.


RX 78/700 XT

  • “It’s not just about performance”

    • Bullsh*t.

    • Alright, price / performance.

  • AMD didn’t exactly rock the pricing boat with these mild bois.

  • AMD wants the $450 RX 7700 XT to be compared to the $500 4060Ti 16GB.

  • And if those graphs hold up to independent testing, that’s pretty good.

  • Even beating it in a bunch of Ray-Traced games.

  • It’s still too pricey.

  • 7700 should be under 400 currency units.

  • Again we see AMD putting their faith in the new architecture and dropping the professor count.

  • If my napkin math is right the 7700 comes in a little cheaper than the 4060ti 16 g, at least in Canada

SLI fixes in 2023

  • They finally fixed that stupid dkms bug.

  • I’ve had to manually regenerate my initramfs after every kernel update for a while

  • I guess some people on the open sauce driver are attempting to get some SLI configuration working and exposed some bugs


  • $199 for a Sony anything is, reasonable?

  • Requires broadband internet Wi-Fi with at least 5Mbps for use.

  • Use case?

  • It’s the Sony WiiU controller.

  • Probably the battery life will be better than the original WiiU controller.

  • Maybe devs of Sony exclusives can make games specifically for it which will make it so those games are forever stuck on the damn plastic shitbox.

Epic deal

  • This is the business equivalent of spamming that one move you know how to do in fighting games

  • According to epic the goal here it is to try to appeal to more indies

  • I’m all for giving the developers a larger cut of the sales, but how about actually making the epic games store a place where people ACTUALLY want to BUY their games

  • They’ve spent so long trying to woo the devs that they seem to have forgotten that that’s all for naught if there are no end users buying the games.

  • Literally everyone I know who does computer gaming things seems to only have an Epic account for the free games.

  • And while those are great, it’s not a great business model.

  • Epic is offering a 100% revenue share for six months of exclusivity.

  • Difficulty: People don’t buy games on the Epic store.

  • Previously, the only way for Epic to get exclusives was to pay the developers.

  • Now if Epic had spent some of that $$$ making the store something more than a glorified outlet for Fortnite DLC & Add-Ons, well, mabey?

  • They are still rocking that Windows only lifestyle in a Steam Deck world.

Mesa profiling

  • It’s pronounced guh-poovis

  • This allows mesa to export information that can help debug where a game is being blocked on the GPU

  • They want it enabled by default so that debugging stuff on the steam deck is easier

    • What kind of performance impact is that gonna have?

  • Wouldn’t it be better to have an option to allow people to turn this on and maybe even allow it to automatically upload those logs somewhere?

  • But let people choose.

  • GPUVis was created by Michael Sartain, an OG Linux Valve developer.

  • Having a GPU Trace Visualizer in MESA is a good thing.

  • Now you can see where games are blocking on the GPU.

Online NES multiplayer

  • Named after one of the more noteworthy famiclones

  • Built in GO

  • Built in network multiplayer. The game starts when both clients are connected

  • Keyboard controls only for now. Point and click for light gun

  • All of the TMNTs and Double dragons are playable

  • Both peeps need to have the ROM.

  • Considering how big those ROMs are, wouldn’t it be better if player 2 could just have it downloaded when connecting?

Hate Mail:

Linux over MAC


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