Nexus Mods on LINUX and Legacy of Kain decompilation!

Steam Link adds support for 4K streaming, NVIDIA runs afoul of kernel maintainers, an official Nexus Mods App for Linux, and porting Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver to the PC.


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00:00 Intro
01:11 Zima boards a hella neat
03:15 Sunk cost fallacy
08:34 Steam Link app update brings 4 K’s
13:30 Ubuntu breaks Steam
17:12 32-bit will NEVER die
21:00 I like turtles
21:07 TMNT Dimension Shellshock
24:38 Online BattleToads when?
25:41 The Last Runemaster
26:58 Early access DLC is a bad look
29:19 NVIDIA getting kicked out the kernel
36:08 4070 problems
36:31 Nexus MOD manager on Linux
41:54 That Star gamey, thingy
42:47 Advantages of not buying new games
46:03 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Decompile
52:49 Not dead yet
01:00:37 Vertical NVME
01:01:34 That 66-core Intel thing
01:09:34 Hot credit action!

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Link 4K

  • Maybe finally you’ll be able to play your Steam games while at work.

  • Unless you’re working from home, then you’re probably already doing that right now.

  • This is a good way to get Steam to open 4 untitled windows and lock right the hell up.

  • I managed to get things running on My S6 but it would not detect my PS4 controller.

  • Playing with the onscreen controller is just as bad as one might imagine.

  • I get why people looking for the remote around the house experience would pay $199 for something that just works ™

  • They added some better support for the backbone one, which is a game controller dock for phones

  • My experience with the link app has been less than stellar.

  • Your game really needs to be controller based, and good luck if you have more than one display on your streaming computer

  • Or if you want to use it for something else

Ubuntu i386

  • Back in June of 2019 Ubuntu attempted to do something rather bold.

  • That something was dropping all 32-bit support beginning with the upcoming Ubuntu 19.10 release.

  • RIP WINE & gaming.

  • Even though Canonical reversed course a few weeks later, Steam announced that it would not support future Ubuntu releases.

  • One of the many reasons the Steam Deck is running Arch.

  • Someone forgot to add 32-bit support to the image on the new Flutter-based installer.

  • Install the official Steam *.deb.

  • Popey points out that cynical, read as sensible, people saw that as a means of Canonical to continue forcing snaps down everyone’s throats.

  • Forcing people to use the Steam snap just to have Steam at all in Ubuntu must have sounded like a really good plan at one point, to the one person who really wants to see Snaps succeed and only that one person.

  • At least for desktop use it looks like 32 bit won’t ever die, at least in x86 land

  • You can have a very good experience using x86_64 bit only linux, you’re just not gonna be playing any old video games out of the box

  • We’ve seen a successful pure 64 bit system in Aarch64, but even that has a lot of virtualization support to handle 32 bit apps, x86 or otherwise

  • WINE64 will eventually work, eventually.

  • Is it going to take a new platform to rid ourselves of the i386 menace?

Steam: Game Updates

Dimension Shellshock

  • Alright, $7.99 is a fair price.

  • Karai is the other new playable character that got added.

  • I was wondering why the ad copy said “new characters” and just showed usagi yojimbo.

  • Sooo, I read the store page after buying the DLC and wondering how to play it.

  • This only adds endless survival mode and two new characters.

  • No new levels or story content.

  • Hot take, this should have been a free update for a $24 game.

The Last Runemaster

  • Shatrealm denizen and Patreon extraordinaire, Scott Michaud did some work on Last Epoch at one point.

  • It’s the sole reason I own the game.

  • This update brings the final mastery/specialization for the mage, the 2001 browser MMO Runescap- I mean Runemaster.

  • Still in Early Access

  • So from what I understand the new mage specialization turns you into the defect from slay the spire

  • WHich Is a neat caster theme. I liked the whole magica ad hoc skill system, and this is A version of it

  • They’re also getting all of the translations


Kernel 6.6 vs Nvidia

  • Back in the long long ago of 2020 changes were made in the kernel to prevent proprietary modules from using gplonly symbols.

  • NVIDIA hacked around that by importing exports from their proprietary modules into an allegedly GPL licensed module and then re-exporting them.

  • Don’t hate the player.

  • NVidia bypassing the taint and going straight for the ass.

  • Clever the way they did that, but everyone can see what they’re doing.

  • How does NVIDIA NVIDIA their way round this?

  • Or do they have to?

  • ./ –getrektyhippies

  • it is logical to restrict it to being used on EXPORY_SYMBOL_GPL and prevent nvidia from costly DMCA circumvention of access controls law suites

    • Lolz

    • So spicy.

Nexus MODs

  • Linux MODs, man.

  • Fucking finally!

  • Major kudos to the wonderful folks behind Steam Tinker Launch who actually made installing Vortex (and managing games mods across all the different Proton prefixes and physical storage drives) so very easy up to now.

  • Hopefully we’ll have an official one, but you get no bonus points at this time.

  • This one is being build with file level rollback, which seems pretty handy when you’re fucking around with game files

  • The CLI builds and runs on linux but they still haven’t decided how they’re going to specifically handle this integration.

  • MOD managers have been missing on Linux for the most part.

  • Manually adding / removing MODs becomes impractical after your MOD count rises above 01.

Kain 2 decomp

  • 3-4 years ETA is not bad at all.

  • If publishers are going to be dicks about old IP and refuse to remaster/rerelease old games, I’m in favor of people with the chops to decompile/disassemble them all.

  • TIL about the Valkyrie emulator.

  • No build instructions for Linux.

  • There is a linux.platform in the source tree but it can’t find my libGLEW for some reason

  • Soul Reaver was one of those games that blew my mind as a kid. I was obsessed with it

  • And then Eidos did nothing with it after defiance.

  • They teased us with Dead Sun and Nosgoth and then ditched it.

  • Some folks still wanna keep it alive though

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