678% Performance Boost For Linux Gaming

Steam Audio SDK goes open-source! CodeWeavers’ Linux kernel tweaks deliver impressive performance gains, Last Epoch launches on Linux day one, a Godot-powered game launcher emerges, and the open-source Nvidia driver Nouveau adopts Zink by default.


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00:00 Intro
01:55 Playing with FireOne
03:44 Portal Re-Reloaded
04:28 MMO dabbling
05:56 Helldivers?
08:13 Steam Annual Summary
11:55 SteamOS competitive advantage
14:23 WHAR SteamOS 3?
15:49 Steam Audio SDK open-source release
17:29 Good guy Valve
21:29 Proton 9 Beta 1
22:27 Install kernel 6.6
24:28 Godot plugin for Steam deployment
27:35 Last Epoch
32:28 Schmaragon
37:39 678% Performance Boost For Linux Gaming
45:19 Zink by default for nouveau
49:10 Open Gamepad UI
54:34 Doom RPG 0.2.2
59:13 E-sports Excel
01:00:57 Hovers
01:02:41 If I could float
01:04:30 Netflix deal
01:06:13 Gifts!

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

SAM 2023

  • Annual “This is where your 30% goes” update

  • “SteamOS provides a huge set of features and tools that originated to support the Steam Deck use case but immediately make the platform better for other users, whether they own a different handheld PC, play games with a controller, or enjoy Steam via a big screen TV.”

    • Yes, that’s awesome. But where is it, the ability to properly install it on other handhelds/consoles/PCs?

  • Open beta for shopping cart enhancements.

  • Inline gifting, unified cart, and private games.

  • Trailer videos now support categorization so it’s easy to find gameplay.

  • “We’re not the only ones who introduced amazing hardware“

    • Can’t say that for the software and it’s becoming clear Valve views SteamOS for what it is.

    • A competitive advantage.

  • Still no news on a Steam Deck emulator.

Open audio SDK

  • This is the Impulsonic middleware they acquired back in 2017.

  • Apache 2 licensed and all, that’s a proper open-sauce license!

  • Cool stuff like this makes me worry what direction Valve will take post-Gabe.

  • Like iD post Carmack.

Proton 9 B1

  • No more Lethal crashes with hat switches.

  • Rebased on WINE 9.

  • Updated file distribution method to save disk space.

  • Sidenote: Get on Kernel 6.6+ if you’re not already.

  • Now all steam deck users can enjoy Gollum ootb in all its glory

    • That needs to hurry up and become $7.99.

GODOT deploy

  • Looks like this uses scp/rsync under the hood

  • Still, having a one click deploy to your testing unit is suuuper handy

  • GODOT is really starting to build up a handy dandy library of 3rd party tools

  • One click deploy for the most popular x86 handheld is a very good deal for people looking for an engine.

Steam: New Games

Last Epoch

  • That game Scott Worked on is finally out

  • 1.0 comes with a full offline mode. Which you would think is the bare minimum for an RPG with a single player component but whatever

  • Full controller support to maximize that steam deckyness

  • Yay! I can finally play it.

  • Probably gonna have to start a new character since I can’t for the life of me remember what the hell I was doing last I played.

  • Them reviews are mixed and spicy.

  • Appears to have stability issues and their online play does not make with the working so well.

  • This is not helped by the dev telling people to play offline.


  • A new MOBA, brave.

  • That game title is something I would come up with

  • Mind you, this is recycling all of the abandoned assets from Paragon, so the name does make sense

  • Remember paragon? According to wikipedia

  • Fortnite came and ate all of Epic’s other project’s lunch money.

  • Honestly, if they’re not going to do anything with it, then all major publishers should allow this.

  • I know it’s hell to ensure that all the assets and source are proper and duly licensed, but it’s not like any AAA publisher other than Epic has posted any actual losses in the last several years.

  • They can afford it.

  • I tried to play your game, I did.

  • 20GB download and it launched but…

  • The first screen requires you to create a nickname and I can’t use my mouse to select the box to type it in.



  • Nice little 678% performance boost in DiRt.

  • 177% for TTW.

  • I didn’t think there were performance gains like this left to be uncovered.

  • This takes advantage of implementing kernel level NT sync related syscalls.

  • This way there isn’t any translation overhead as the software can do what it was trying to to do begin with

  • Historically slower NT Sync hasn’t been that big a bottle neck, but with some newer games it’s becoming an issue, IE Dirt

  • They call them problematic themselves and I can see, based on Linus’ previous comments, that introducing those spinlock and mutex functions might not sit well in a lot of situations.

  • That said, them’s some impressive gains.

  • As Jordan mentions, the larger/more complex the game and the more it assumes NT is the default, the more it becomes relevant to properly support these.

  • If we see those changes bump performance of games across the board, then WINE/Proton will have truly reached performance parity with native Windows.

  • Those are the kinds of gains that will get people compiling kernels.

  • This being a self-contained driver should help getting it into the kernel.

  • First WINE performance patch for the kernel?


  • No more having to set MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE

  • Driver will now attempt to detect the zink capabilities

  • After the impressive numbers NVK posted in the short time it’s been around, I can absolutely see why they’d want to handle OpenGL through Zink rather than using nouveau’s old path.

  • Did we already make a prediction for when the open-source drivers will be good enough ™ ?

    • I guess compared to old nouveau we’re basically there

Open Gamepad UI (Rthern)

  • We have Big Picture at home.

  • Has options to pull in the Steam Library and the Flathub store.

  • Yuzu and Lutris library support as well.

  • That first launch takes a minute.

  • You can install the binary in your home directory with make install.

  • Done in Godot

    • Methinks this might get stridered for the lutris gamepad ui

    • He did mention he wanted to do something like for Lutris

  • I like it!

  • When I have a proper living room, I’d very much like to set this up as the main UI to launch either games or Kodi

DOOM RPG 0.2.2

  • The DOOMgeon Crawler that had people draining their old phone batteries was brought to PC in 2022.

  • Version 0.2.2 was released late in January 2024.

  • I still prefer D**M, The Roguelike.

  • Symbian OS never received a dedicated port of game #TIL?

    • That was a point made in the wiki.

  • Still need to yoink some files off Archive.

  • Using SDL2.

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