Nintendo DMCAs 20 Years Of Garry’s MODs

Valve closes the Advanced Access refund loophole, Notebook Check says ProtonDB sucks, Nintendo goes all DMCA on Garry’so Mod, open-source Fallout 1, and Proton Experimental hides your cores.


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00:00 Intro
01:22 Playing Thirsty Blade
02:31 Bon Chair
03:07 Venn vs NDI 6
05:00 Reproducible sounds
08:36 Steam stops Prefunds
11:46 Have you ever preordered?
12:35 Introducing NFGs
13:25 New games added to Proton Exp
14:46 2 many cores
17:14 861 Deckbuilders on Steam
21:38 ProtonDB Sucks
31:18 Nintendo DMCA for Garry’s MOD
34:28 12 years of Closure
37:53 Hyper Charged: Uboxed crossplay
41:32 Open-source Fallout 1
44:28 Y’all still edit config files?
47:04 40 years of Sopwith
52:03 HackMatrix 3D desktop
56:54 Factorio vs Wayland
59:49 Pedro blindly defends KDE
01:00:12 Know any Factorio addicts?
01:02:26 Gamepad gyros

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Closed that loophole.

  • Advanced Access is not to be confused with Early Access.

  • It’s when you pay extra $$$ to play the finished game a few days before the peasants.

  • Previously, you could pay the extra $$$, beat the game with a quickness, and refund when launched.

  • I’m genuinely surprised this loophole lasted as long as it did

  • I think that if you’re pre-ordering a game you are part of the problem.

  • It sucks that you don’t get special treatment anymore, but given the state of the industry and the state games tend to come out these days… just don’t pre-order games.

Proton Experimental

  • 12 new playable games.

  • 10 games are no longer confused by high core counts.

  • Steam Overlay now works with EAC EOS games.

    • They do describe it as a hack though, so it may or may not stay working

  • Quite a lot of older titles getting fixed there, this is good!

All the cards

  • People like to play CCGs but they cannot afford to play CCGs

  • Also I’m addicted to combos

  • I don’t mind the roguelike deckbuilders, it’s the prevalence of extraction shooters and survival games I’m more worried about.

  • Yes, survival elements can enhance a game.

  • Fallout: New Vegas only exists for me with Hardcore mode on.

  • But I really can’t enjoy most of them when the nanny bars start nagging you.

Proton Sucks

  • He’s right in the sense that it’s something Valve needs to build into Steam.

  • I agree that if there is a case of a developer choking on whatever anti-cheat gluestick they were munching, there should be an option to mark it as b0rkd immediately.

  • But that requires someone to be on the ball and keep track of it.

  • I like videogames and even I wouldn’t necessarily envy that position unless the pay was good enough.

  • Heck, pay me £50k (after taxes) a year and I will review all of the ratings in ProtonDB, play the games on Linux to confirm it, and probably even add more ratings of my own for more games.

  • ProtonDB’s existence is just a symptom of the larger issue

  • There’s just too much damn variety in PC builds, engine hardware support, etc.

  • I think ProtonDB does need a “ruined by anti cheat” label. Name’em and shame them

Steam: Game Updates


  • Sorting through 20 years of MODs.

  • I support the segregation of everything Nintendo

  • Give them exactly what they seem to want.

  • Apparently there is some dude going around filing bogus DMCAs on behalf of Nintendo.

  • Like, a lot of them.

    • Gotta lick that boot extra hard I guess

12 Year Closure

  • Thanks Flibit

  • The real game preservation there!

  • Mac users got excited for a second there, cruel.

  • The steam cloud save does the cross-platform trick.

  • SDL2 under the hood.

  • Shaders ported from Nvidia CG to GLSL.

  • People were playing this on a PS3 emulator because it was smoother.

Hyper Crossplay

  • Incoming crossplay with XBOX players.

    • Does this mean it’s gonna do a stint on gamepass?

  • For a game that averages 11 players over the last 30 days, hey, good on their dedication.

  • Last time there was a chonky patch we tried it in the Aftershowzen and ze Linux build was a hot damn mess.


Vintage Falling

  • Just in time for the show, their yearly release came out on march 3

  • Mostly bug fixes and some recalculation on some perks and damage

  • Elevators work now though. Unlike my old building

  • Fallout 2 CE has also been updated, they released the new version on the 21st of April.

  • The big one for Fallout 2 is sfall integration, since a bunch of mods and community fixes/projects use it as a base.

  • I know I really like the Fallout 2 Restoration Project and playing the game without it now feels weird.

  • That’s the sole reason I still use Proton to play it rather than Fallout 2 CE.

40 Years Of Camel

  • Does it make the shrieky pcspkr noises?

  • Originally released in August 1981 for the PC so it’s OG.

  • One of the earliest networked games.

  • One of the oldest video games still in active development.

  • SDL Sopwith v2.5.0 has some of the underpinnings needed to start work on a level creator.

  • And the manual page now documents the dashboard layout.

  • Never actually played this one before

  • Big fan of it being able to run in a browser. I think that alone is probably the biggest advancement in game preservation possible


  • How about a Wayland version using gamescope?

  • When dude adds support for VR he will convert the project to Wayland but no ETA on the massive undertaking.

  • Doesn’t compile on fedora 39.

  • Spdlog seems to be missing a file, so I don’t know who fucked up there

Hate Mail:


  • Only macOS and Linux support asynchronous saving #TIL

  • Wayland is an adventure.