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BitKeeper goes Open Source! Unity implements SDL, Google blocks the Pirate Bay, and PulseAudio becomes usable?


Steam Controller and why it’s the best thing!

  • Physically, it’s a bit bulky.
  • Maybe too much for someone with my “particular configuration”©Jordan Cwang.
  • It still brings up my inability to touch the right trigger and the face buttons at the same time.
    • Nothing new there. It was the same way with the SHIELD Controller and I beat Dark Souls several times over with the latter.
  • What The Mistress does which the SHIELD didn’t, is it inherently allows me to rebind any and all buttons on a per-game basis.
    • Including those games that normally wouldn’t allow you to do that.
      • Hyper Light Drifter comes to mind.
  • And, if you happen to be a sociable person and have friends, you can take your Areolas to their place and the moment you pair/plug in the controller, it’ll pull your mappings (for all of your games, too) from your account.
  • And the degree you can map things to even the regular buttons and the analog stick is… unprecedented.
    • The Mistress compares to other controllers like PC gaming compares to console gaming.
      • I guess the same could be said of the Steam Machines as whole.
  • Very good job VALVe! Now you need to start marketing those Steam Machines properly.



  • Remember Franz from last week? It does this and has a tray icon too.
    • This is open sauce.
    • The main interest I saw with Franz was with Slack, Skype is still usable under Linux, even if heavily unsupported
  • They both use the Electron Framework.
  • I guess if you don’t want to risk people spying on you, you shouldn’t use either!
    • This isn’t how Electron works, but … I guess it would be possible given enough efforts?
      • Skype inherently spies on you. As do all of the other IM clients, except maybe pidgin if you’re using XAMPP.
        • The services themselves? Yes! But the clients (even Pidgin using proprietary services) don’t do anything other than providing a way to access those services


Fedora wearing hipsters

  • So… How far will they screw up GNOME 4, now that they have the hardware to do it even faster?
    • GNOME 4: Now with QT!
  • Gnome has been a Red Hat project (unofficially) for a while now.
  • And that’s a good thing, one other desktop being supported by a large company is Unity. In my opinion, both are really great desktops.



Renaud Lepage kicked in for the LWDW to make it happen.

    • Let’s get Strider to thank him personally in French
    • Something along the lines of “Renaud, please help me! Pedro and Venn have kidnapped my mother and are forcing me to do this show”
  • Omlette du fromage?
  • PSA: If your pledge was declined you no can has Patreon posts.



  • Maybe it hasn’t reached the mainstream version yet, since both Chrome and the Fox still open it just fine on my end.
    • Same.
  • The Pirate Bay team is currently working on fixing the issue


Fart noises

    • I wouldn’t call it a toilet full of roses.
    • I would go with something like a seemingly perfectly functional sink that every now and again sprays drainage water all over your face, because someone plumbed the intake and drain through the same pipe.
      • That pipe being ALSA.
    • It all boils down to “use pavucontrol”, you may have heard this as well on a weekly gaming podcast
  • “Historically, most issues I’ve seen are user error”
    • Bzzzzt! Historically Pulse was a steaming pile of nope and until recently you were better off using anything elks.
    • If you haven’t played with it in the last two years have another go.


Finger on the

  • With all its problems, Pulseaudio still lets you do really cool stuff
  • Or you could drop $4.99 and use Plex.
  • Not saying this isn’t a wicked neat project.


Open Bits

  • The latest BitKeeper release has made the code open-source under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.
  • From the lads who indirectly brought you Git.
  • A bold move… 11 years too late.


SDL?! In my Unity?

  • From the announcements they made a couple weeks ago, it seemed like they were writing everything from scratch. Glad to see they know better than that!
    • I would like to think it was the result of the community screaming something along the lines of “are you HIGH?!”
  • Wow, I may even be able to play Road Redemption soon!
  • And a day later, it was working on Wayland with nouveau:



  • I have a few certificates already, it works really well. I’m not renewing my paid SSL certificate for Lutris next month, going full LetsEncrypt!
  • But where’s nginx support!?
  • Even without official nginx support, I’ve still managed to configure let’s encrypt on my reverse proxy.
  • 3.3mill issued certificates, only 18.6k of which were revoked.
  • That’s already a better ratio than your typical commercial SSL offerings.


Blender Henry

    • Blender has really made huge progress over the past couple years, to the point where it’s starting to be used in the film industry.
    • That said, most of the VFX industry is already using Linux, at least on the rendering farms, whether it is with Houdini or Maya.
  • “It is a very flexible tool. It includes almost every modern top technologies and has convenient and user-friendly interface”
    • I learned the old jacked-up interface.


rm -rf ~/Music

  • This week in “This is why we use Free Software”
  • The concept of iTunes has always horrified me, I’m not even surprised by this story.
  • If you are a Linux user using an ipod on another Windows or OSX machine, make sure you have a copy of your music library somewhere iTunes can’t access it.
  • iPod support on Rhythmbox or Banshee is not a lot better


Get it



  • The big thing is LTS.
  • The render boxen =’s production and we don’t test in production.
  • That left me with SUSE and Buntu.
  • Thing is 99% of devels still test against 14.04LTS.
  • For everything else there’s Fedora.
  • I’ve been running Ubuntu for the past 10 years, it is still to this day the best Linux OS I’ve used. This includes using Unity as well.
  • I’m a bit worried about the whole convergence / Ubuntu Touch / Unity 8 / Mir thing. Depending on how bad they mess things up, I might have to switch to KDE.




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