LinuxGameCast Weekly 363: Shut Up, Dolphin!

Proton enables D9Vk hotness! Daggerfall Unity enters alpha, moving the Linux desktop to VR, and Valve wants to change the kernel. Then Fantasy Strike faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

Special thanks to:
CowBirdBoy (latest patreon)
Chris B. (AT2020 from the wishzone)

04:08 Proton 4.11-1
06:48 Steam kernel changes
09:13 Whitelist update
11:40 VR Desktops
15:32 Steamlabs update
18:18 Waves 2
20:14 Atmocity
21:59 Knightin’+
24:27 shameless self promotion
28:48 OBS: Dedicated Streaming PC
31:44 Daggerfall Unity Alpha
34:43 Zero-K v1.7.7.0
37:29 Super Tux Party v05
39:53 CHAIRQASITION: Fantasy Strike
54:06 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Proton 4.11-1

  • D9VK, nitches!
    • PROTON_USE_D9VK is the variable to enable it
  • 154 patches have been upstreamed to vanilla wine after rebasing on to wine 4.11
  • The other interesting change is that now a bunch of WINE libraries are being built as DLLs instead of DSOs.
    • I guess the rationale here is that if it looks and smells like a native windows call, anti cheat software is less likely to flag it as a false positive?
  • I can play the Gun Heels at UHD and it’s slamming 60 where it was previously chugging at 35.
  • DmC is holding 90 @ 2160p.
  • Also, spite-nope controller input is no longer a thing.
  • Linuses does what Wintendo don’t.
  • Using Tombs as a metric, interesting.
  • Put our handy guide in your face-organ.
  • With the progress that was being made, it was a matter of time before it got the Proton seal of approval.


Speaking of which

  • Futex-wait-multiple test patchset for fsync support.
  • Futex is a lock on a resource so only a single thread can utilize it.
  • Fsync is a patchset for WINE/Proton that has a similar function to Esync but utilizes the new kernel feature they’re proposing and should therefore be better
  • The other reason this is being proposed is because existing e-sync functionality can cause file descriptor exhaustion, which we’ve talked about before. This sidesteps the problem entirely
  • We like to joke that Valve doesn’t make games anymore, but it’s pretty freakin’ clear they’re doing a fuckton of coding regardless fixing all these low level problems
  • Moving away from the open file limits and back into the kernel sounds like a good way to eliminate that issue entirely.
  • If someone told me 5 years ago VALVe would be submitting patches for the Linux kernel, I’d call the men in white with the self-support jackets.


Whitelist update

  • Ooh! Revengeance is on the list
  • And just to snipe pedro, Fallouts one and two are on the list
    • As if I needed more reasons to go back into Fallout 2.
  • GRiD and MGS Revengeance aren’t exactly whitelisted yet, but they did receive specific Proton prefix configs.
  • Cuphead!


VR Desktops

  • VR support comes to GNOME and KDE.
  • xrdesktop makes window managers aware of VR and is able to use VR runtimes to render desktop windows in 3D space, with the ability of manipulating them with VR controllers and generating mouse and keyboard input from VR.
  • Obligatory Minority Report reference.
  • It doesn’t use its own compositor, so it can integrate into existing ones such as mutter for GNOME and KWin for KDE.
  • It also makes sense to not introduce further resource consumption given how many resources this will require.


Steamlabs update

  • That’s neat.
  • I still sort by newest releases and mouse over all of the new games to check if anything is remotely interesting.
  • Where’s the library update?

Steam: Game Updates

Waves 2

  • Circular Progress Bars are too thin.
    • Real progress bars have curves
  • It’s a schmup, but the catch here is apparently the AI will adapt to your bullshit, constantly requiring you to change strategies
  • Dev has produced a “custom build”. Does that mean they’ve just clicked export and pushed it to steam? Send us some hate mail
  • Kudos to the dev for sending some keys our way, over Curator Connect.
  • It’s got online multiplayer but I’m not going to pretend I understand what’s going on from the game trailer.

Steam: New Games


  • It’s sim city. IN SPAAAAACE. Or at least in an actual 3D Space
  • Requirements list no distribution necessary and a 3GB video card, so 970 owners rejoice!



  • The developer sent us a single key… that remains unredeemed.
  • Zelda/BoI style dungeon crawler. Without procedurally generated levels, eh?
  • That does looks very Zelda-y


OBS: Dedicated Streaming PC

  • Video over ethernet, like a boss.
  • Ever wanted to make a dedicated streaming rig on the cheap?


Daggerfall Unity Alpha

  • All the core features are done.
  • They’ve also gone through and shored up a lot of the quests so there should be no more uncompletable quests
  • Now development shifts to fixing their problems, improving performance and other fiddly bits
  • Interkarma has also made it clear that he plans on handing off stewardship of the project as they get closer and closer to 1.0.
  • In theory, you could play from start to end on this build, but there are still a lot of bugs and niggles that get in the way.


Zero-K v1.7.7.0

  • These guys have a new version out
  • Who are these people? Excellent question. I asked the exact same one
  • Zero-K is a mech RTS that seems to have a relatively active community
  • Runs on linux via mono. Their install just grabs the EXE and creates a desktop shortcut that runs it via mono
    • But hey, it ships in a tar.gz


Super Tux Party v05

  • You pick Strider speak now
  • Players landing on traps no longer crashes the game
  • Localisation support is in

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Fantasy Strike
Devel: Sirlin Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £23.79 / US$29.99 / CA$33.99

Wazzat: A fighting game designed from the ground up to be so easy to control that even non-fighting game players can play it, yet deep enough to play in tournaments. Vibrant graphics and excellent online play.

Mandatory Disclosure: They sent us keys foreber ago


Does It Launch

  • Mo issues here.

Performance @ 1080

  • Living proof Unity can deliver 2160P @60.


  • Cell shaded goodness.


  • Works with everything I have thrown at it.


Does It Launch

  • Yes

Performance @ 1080

  • 512fps @ 1080. Pretty good


  • It’s very good looking.
  • It definitely wears it’s SF2 inspiration on it’s sleeve


  • Yes


Does It Launch

  • It do!

Performance @ 1080

  • It holds 60 when it matters.
  • I did see some dips in the loading screen, but that’s to be expected.


  • Barring a few issues where characters clothes, like Valerie’s skirt, clip into themselves
  • No complaints


  • The first time I hit the main menu after the tutorial, the cross (X) would only move up.
  • It wasn’t until I Alt+F4’ed out and went back in that I got the little prompt to set the controls.
  • I’m in a good mood, when it comes to this game, so I’ll chalk that up as a hiccup.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • It’s a better love story than Street Fighter V, amirite?
    • Yeah, for those of you not in the know that carrot was dangled over us a few years back and POOF!
    • The last fighting game I invested any actual amount of time in was MKII.
    • So going by the tin Fantasy Strike should be something that I can pick up and have a good time with.
    • And you know what, I did.
    • You see, I tapped out way back when ultra-mega-super-turbo-cocksmasher combos started showing up in games.
    • I’m looking at you MKII and Killer Instinct II.
    • Now Fantasy Strike has some wicked combos but none of them are match ending.
    • That, and the ability to counter keeps me happy.
    • Basically you have to cock up twice and I’m down with that.
    • Moves are easy to learn and the cooldown timers are front and center.
    • Speaking of moves, tight controls are tight.
    • You screw up, your fault and you know it.
    • Oh, you might blame the game but both you and the game know what really went down.
    • After a few hours of practice I’m now able to beat the game on easy and for an old hack like myself that counts as winning.
    • One downside is online play can be a wee glitchy and it doesn’t exactly have the largest player base.
  • Jordan
    • Fantasy strike is a very well constructed game
    • The whole goal of it’s design is to strip away all of the bullshit from fighting games and present a bare minimum chassis
    • The goal is to simply outplay and outperform your opponent
    • And the mechanisms give you all the information you need to do so. There isn’t any guesswork involved, the game tells you when it’s your turn
    • You can’t button mash, you can’t turtle up and you can’t rely on the same bullshit over and over again
    • It’s a little funny how all of the attack animations are very dramatic, but really only do about 3 damage max
    • It’s pretty damn fun though, and it works well enough from Canada to Australia online
    • Spectating gets a little dumb though
    • We need more good quality fighting games on linux, and this is the latest addition
    • 30 bucks is a bit pricey, but it’s definitely well worth it
  • Pedro
    • Linux needs fighting games and I’m glad Fantasy Strike is here.
    • As a bit of personal preference, I prefer Skullgirls’ combo-juggle, button-mashy, style of combat.
    • However, I do see exactly what kind of fighting style Fantasy Strike was going for and I don’t hate it.
    • It almost punishes you for hitting buttons at random instead of taking your time to learn each character’s moves.
    • I also like that you don’t need crazy button combos to execute special moves, or that the special moves themselves are basically a 1-hit KO.
    • Heck, most of them only deal 1 damage.
    • There are even characters with non-special moves which deal 2 damage.
    • That completely shifts the emphasis from trying to either land the killer combo or hitting your special, to a tactical take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes type of situation.
    • So while I may prefer Skullgirls’ fighting mechanics, I do recognize Fantasy Strike as the superior game.
    • Even if it’s a 3D cell shaded art-style over the hand-drawn sprites of Skullgirls, it looks absolutely amazing!
    • If I had to find one nit to pick at, it’s how long some animations take and how everything freezes while that is going on.
    • But even that I found my brain get accustomed to, simply because everything else is just that good.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:




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