LinuxGameCast Weekly 398: Clappy Nude

Steam caps the bandwidth! Golf With Your Friends plays with fire, 10% performance boost for Intel graphics on Linux, and X-Plane taps the Vulkan button. Then DiRT 4 faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

All this, plus your hate mail.



04:51 Managing Steam bandwidth
08:51 Steam client beta
14:51 GMOD 2
17:11 Proton 5.5 GE-1
19:41 Artifact beta 2.0
24:41 Golf with your friends volcanic
27:02 Shameless self promotion
30:40 Nvidia Vulkan beta drivers
33:10 Humble Covid Bundle
35:12 Lutris 0.5.5
38:12 Intel GPU boost
40:02 VK_KHR Q2RTX
41:27 X-Plane Vulkan
43:57 ADAM
45:29 Magic 6-8
48:27 Rate my Linux guide
01:03:21 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Managing Steam bandwidth

  • Only games played within the last 3 days will be updated immediately.
  • Some finer grained bandwidth controls are much appreciated if you have a bunch of people in your house who are watching netflix and playing steam games. Which is a lot of people who are cohabitating these days
  • I’m a part of the problem.
  • I keep just hitting the Download now button.
  • Whatever they have changed, I’m at least getting 50MB sec for a change.
  • Like, out of the gate. Not 5 minutes into the DL.
  • Quick mention, Proton NExt is available if you herp in the beta.


DBus Assertion

  • I wonder if those fixed localization changes for BPM include the underscore in the Portuguese Steam Keyboard.
  • Or the ability to set the damn clock to anything other than the am/pm 12h.
  • This might be the fix to having to double and triple tap after an update.


New VR colab

  • If it’s wireless, light, and does room scaling with internal sensors I’m down.
  • Regardless of microsoft’s involvement, it’ll probably have linux support thanks to valve
  • Actually, as far as peripherals go, microsoft hasn’t been too bad about open standards



  • Totally gonna have a linux version on this one. Right guys?
    • Guys?
  • Garry and his team at Facepunch have demonstrated on multiple occasions that Linux is a little beyond them.


Proton GE 5.5

Steam: Game Updates

Artifact 2.0

  • Yup, not requiring people to pay money for cards is step 0 of competing with hearthstone
  • They’re rolling it out like the portal 2 beta beta from back in the day
  • Now the question is, what will they sell?
  • Will games still take on average 45 minutes to get done?
  • Cuz ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!


Volcano Golf

  • Didn’t it already have controller support?
  • Mag-a-ma.
  • 2.0GB update.
  • Could have new mechanics going on and I have to give them credit.
  • These last few maps have actual design vs put put with some shite in the way.



  • Ray’s queries have been fixed!
  • Installed, works.
  • They’ve been cranking these out pretty regularly now
  • Good to see them still fixing issues with Proton because, yeah, they hate Linux.


C19 Bundle

  • I don’t want to pay $25.50 for Wizard of Legend.
  • And that’s the only game here I am remotely interested in.
  • ^ Whole lotta that.
  • There are some good games in there that you might grab if you haven’t already
  • Some of the bundled comics are pretty good too. I’d highly recommend Saga


New Lupis

  • There’s some initial humble support, for you non-gog drm free games
  • A thing for enabling ACO is handy if you’re on an AMD and intel card (spoon™)
  • Also something for your pirated switch games!. I mean, legitimately dumped switch games
  • DXVK by default and catching up with the D9VK times.


Intel Neir

  • I guess we’re starting to see some of the ACO stuff being adopted by the intel drivers in mesa.
  • This is potentially great news for people stuck gaming on cheap laptops with just an intel IGP
  • Or maybe some prepwork for that dedicated intel gpu that’ll blow our socks off
  • 10% could make a game go from junk to playable …ish.


Open Rays for Quake2

  • Josh ported Quake 2 RTX to the new VK_KHR_ray_tracing cross-vendor extension.
  • I guess now with Dix vix stabilizing, Josh needed something else to do.
  • Still rocking a solid 40 @ 1080.


Vulkan planes

  • Wait for the shaders to compile that first go ‘round.
  • Kudos on them for doing Metal.



  • Once again, arch users need to use pacman in order to get love
  • It launches in a tiny, long-long window
  • And it certainly does schmup


Magic 6-8

  • “Might and Magic VI-VIII engine remake using original data & code”
    • The data I get, people still have to provide their own.
    • Does the code bit mean people will have to fire up their IDE of choice to build it themselves, even on that other operating system?
    • It could just refer to some of the game scripts? I dunno. It could also mean nothing
  • Is that kosher? Uploading bits of the OG code and just having people compile it themselves?
  • mv CMakeModules/thirdparty/Sdl2.cmake CMakeModules/thirdparty/SDL2.cmake
    • Remember kids, make sure to use consistent casing if you’re making a cross platform project. Some filesystems are case sensitive
  • Also, the build is only for windows now. Maybe someone would be interested in adding linux support. It is all SDL2 based.


Rate my Linux

  • That was all good right up until he specifically recommended Mint.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: DiRT 4
Devel: Codemasters / Feral Interactive
Engine: Ego
Price: £19.99 / $24.99 / $28.99

Wazzat: DiRT 4 is all about embracing fear. It’s about the thrill, exhilaration and adrenaline that is absolutely vital to off-road racing. It’s about loving the feeling of pushing flat out next to a sheer cliff drop, going for the gap that’s too small and seeing how much air you can get. Be Fearless.



  • It performs just fine, Vulkan and all.
  • I did notice the occasional FPS hiccup but I was playing on YOLO @ 1080 with a 2060. No cape edition.
  • It manages to hold upper 120’s for the most part.
  • The music is a mixture of emo and early 2000’s soft-edgelord.


  • I’ve said it again and I’ll say it before.
  • By the time you nerf DiRt to the point it becomes playable with a controller it’s quite frankly, boring.
  • I have a glass desk so breaking out a wheel and shifter is a non starter.
  • Ima keep this short and simple, if you don’t at least have a wheel you won’t find much in the way of fun with dIrT.
  • Granted I’m not much for rally racing but I did attempt to mine a little joy from the buggy racing.
  • Na, no joy on that.
  • Especially when the AI appeared out of litterally fk all on the last turn of the last lap to yoink 1’st.
  • That’s when I quit.
  • I like arcade racing games because I don’t (often) get to drive rocket powered future mobiles that excrete death-laced projectiles.
  • Sliding around on a gravel road in a turbo 4-door is something I can do any day of the week.
  • Well done game, looks the business, and all the controls seem to work but at the end of the day it’s not my cup of chainsaw.



  • Launches with the feral scream of nope
  • It’s very pretty looking, like most derp games
  • It does not want me to turn off vsync. That game just crashes and refuses to launch until you enable it
  • So ye get “60” at UHD and 1080.


  • No
  • We had a wonderful talk last week about genre preferences in games and how some people like some games, and other people don’t
  • Rally racing and I don’t mix all too well. It’s fun to slide around and wrap around trees, but only for about 20 minutes
  • I took the driving lessons. I suppose based on that I need to study more. And probably stay the absolute fuck off the road. Or off road
  • I should just go back to my turn based crack



  • It does launch to the usual myriad FUD screens Feral has grown so fond of.
  • VSync is a bag of lies, since it doesn’t actually lock it to the monitor refresh rate.
  • I even lowered the preset to medium and enabling Vsync locked the FerPS to 63.
  • 63?
  • Everything looked a little too bright for me too, I had to lower the gamma down to .80 for it to look anywhere near decent.
  • The Linux implementation of MSAA is also not the best.
  • The performance impact was significant and it doesn’t seem to be doing the sampling the same way the Proton version does.


  • I like racing games!
  • If I had played this before DiRT Rally, I might even have enjoyed it more.
  • As it is, the driving feels stilted.
  • Even reducing the hand-holding in the driving doesn’t seem to make much difference, right up until you put it in steering wheel mode.
  • Then it’s basically impossible to drive in a straight line without a wheel plugged in.
  • In DiRT Rally, even in baby keyboard mode the driving felt pretty good!
  • Here it feels like there’s cushions around the sides of the car keeping it in place.
  • I do like the variety though, even if most of the voice over could stand to STFU.
  • That was what annoyed me the most in DiRT 3 and DiRT Showdown as well.
  • Seriously! Are you required by contract to have an annoying VO?
  • Keep the co-pilot for the rally tracks but stfu everything else.
  • Or at least give me the option to turn it off.



Hate Mail:

Mesa co-op


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