Linux Game Cast 569: JordVPN

The 50 most-played demos during Steam Next Fest! Why Linux sucks on the desktop, RIP 4060Ti reviews, 3D Civilization in the browser, and the disappearance of classic video games.


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00:00 Intro
00:49 The unobtainable shirt
02:51 Mysterious exploding buss
03:21 Microwave update
04:14 Pedro’s latest car accessory
05:09 Angry at Nokia
06:49 Top 50 demos of Steam Next Fest
11:18 Desktop Linux sucks?
19:07 Gravity Circuit
21:51 Installing Pale Court Hollow Knight MOD on Linux
23:48 Vampire Survivors is getting co-op
26:36 Don’t expect 4060Ti reviews
30:11 4060Ti is THAT bad?
32:24 China’s Moore Threads MTT S80 GPU Review
35:06 AMD releases FidelityFX SDK
39:23 Open-source projects using AMD tech?
40:53 3D FreeCiv in the browser
42:38 Browser games vs game streaming
45:15 Would you buy a browser-only game?
47:40 Open-source implementation of John Romero’s Dangerous Dave
51:10 The best way to preserve classic video games?
01:03:25 Video games from 2003
01:05:13 Define classic games
01:08:41 A conversation about goblins
01:09:49 Steam needs a shader progress bar!
01:14:00 Banning AI in games
01:19:52 Shameless self promotion
01:23:36 Credits

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

50 most played demos

  • Yall playing House Flipper… 2?!
    • Home ownership is a kind of a power fantasy these days. I don’t blame’em
  • 4 Linux natives floating around in the list.
  • I played with the P and also enjoyed Mythforce.
  • I may acquire them in the future.
  • Mythforce was alright
  • Starsiege Deadzone has an tribes mode

XDA used HoloISO as a Desktop Distro (eMpTy)

  • These articles are embarrassing for their publications at the best of times
  • Doubly so when it’s fucking XDA Developers.
  • “I’m too dumb to know what I did wrong, so it can’t possibly be my fault. Linux just sucks on the desktop!”
  • VALVe, please release SteamOS 3.0 already.
  • This article is a goddamn symptom.
  • Article was updated to replace the really bad bit in the middle with a message from the lead technical editor parroting the Tim Sweeney custom kernel excuse.
  • It truly is a wonderful thing.
  • It’s that time of year again?
  • Someone decided to write a bone headed article about the linux desktop.
  • Note This article has been rewritten and replaced due to a number of errors that were in its contents.”
  • Thanks for bringing up Escape from Tarkov and anti-cheat in the same sentence.
  • You know, the game that remains flooded with cheaters despite numerous wiggle videos?
  • Root or not, client-side anti-cheat is, security, theatre.
  • It only catches the lowest of low hanging vegetables.
  • So yes, you’re spot on about not giving anticheat root access.
  • That’s something nobody should allow no matter what OS you’re running.
  • Is it safe to say this is a textbook example of Winbro “I got this” mentality?

Steam: New Games

Gravity Circuit

  • Played the demo during Next Fest.
  • Solid action platformer.
  • It’s Mega Mang but with punching.
  • Single player campaign with 12 stages.
  • Mega man meets bionic commando with a bit of beat’em’up tossed in
    • I disagree with google docs’ attempted grammar correction.

Pale Court install

  • Quick and dirty guide for installing the Pale Court MOD on Linux.
  • If you need to reignite a crippling addiction or form a new one.
  • If you’re just learning about the Scarab MOD installer give it alook.
  • There are TONS of wacky MODs available.
  • Including multiplayer!

Steam: Game Updates

Co-op Vamps

  • Couch co-op is a start.
  • Moving off the Phaser engine.
  • I don’t know what engine they are moving to but online co-op should be in the works.
  • I can only imagine the pixel chaos that will bring.


4060Ti Reviews

  • NVIDIA and AIBs are not seeding review samples of the 4060Ti 16GB.
  • Why? Because it’s the exact, same, card.
  • It will suck equally as hard as the 4060Ti… but with more memory!
  • For $500 \:D/
  • Way too much money for what it is and at this point they have no interest in keeping up the pretence.
  • Hardwareunboxed says that AIB partners aren’t being clear about availability either. Are they trying to just snooch it out there?

Fidelity FX

  • AMD is adding some blur, lensing and depth of field tools to the open source fidelityfx sdk
  • It’s also getting a point release now
  • Using the pre-provided sliders, it sure makes everything extra blurry now.
  • Have we seen any open-source projects adapt FSR or the likes?
  • AMD opening technology like this up is very interesting for learners, being able to dive into these kinds of specialised stacks is a valuable experience.
  • Now Pedro can crank motion blur to 11 without overtaxing his GPU.
  • Would be nice if Proton or, more likely, DXVK adopted a bunch of these.

3D Civ (RTheren)

  • Uses three.js to port FreeCiv into webGL accelerated 3D
  • The game itself runs in a browser, but you can easily host it yourself
  • Don’t try and run the server on your windows machine.
  • Install a linux VM like a real hacker.
  • Did you ever think CIV needed more HTML5 and WebGL 2?
  • FCIV.NET is a fork of Freeciv-web based on
  • You can now play FreeCIv in your browser against the AI or human meat puppets.
  • People are playing on the servers.

Dangerous Dave remake

  • A remake of a game made by some unknown developer that time forgot.
  • Some dude that went by the name John Romero.
  • The makefile doesn’t build OOTB. I had to copy /usr/include/SDL* to include
  • It definitely works
  • Never played Dangerous Dave, though I do know of Dangerous Dan McGrew because of the Fallout 2 character with the same name.

Missing games

  • 13 percent of classic games are playable without some form of extreme intervention or piracy
  • The goal of this project is to get an amendment to the DMCA in 2024 to expand the rights of libraries to preserver video games
  • Currently the industry has convinced the US government that their existing preservation efforts are sufficient as we all collectively break down in tears
  • As it turns out, while certainly the biggest individual player, Nintendo games are not the majority of the games currently unaccounted for.
  • There are thousands of games that you just can’t get anymore.
  • But making the ROMs available for $5 directly from their website is not something publishers want to do, because they seem to hate money.
  • They’d rather sue people for piracy than actually do anything about it.
  • Critically endangered… or not for sale?
  • In the States, video game copyright lasts for the life of the creator plus 70 years.
  • If it was work for hire the copyright lasts for 95 years from the date of publication, or 120 years from the date of creation.
  • In the EU, video game copyright lasts for the life of the creator plus 70 years.
  • Canada and Japan do 70.

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